IIRC both use a unidirectional antenna, but the antennas are different.
On 549, Slovenia disturbed in western Europe, so 1143 was better there.
On the Swedish and Finnish SDR, 549 was excellent and stronger than 1143.

It is the normal programming of Radio Rossi (but it seems they have some regional transmissions that differ).
Mostly it is talk and news, in the evening sometimes music.

Marco (2023-02-16)


1386 kHz – Radio Makedonia.
Yesterday around 1830 was even Radio Baltics temporarily pushed away.
ID: Akute da Radio Makedonia (Greek Music)

On their website there is also a list of private Greek radio station on AM and FM. To what extent it is true and up-tp-date I can’t say. The list can be found here: xXNOTHTEx AM FM

Contact only possible via Facebook.

Harald Süss to A-DX iog (2023-01-06)

United States

States of emergency declared
The governors of Kentucky, North Carolina, Georgia and Oklahoma have declared states of emergency. The city of Buffalo, New York has declared an emergency as well, and will be closing its schools on Friday.
Other states, like Maryland, have activated emergency response operations ahead of the storm, while others have opened warming shelters.
In Colorado, the Denver Coliseum, an indoor arena, has been converted into a warming centre.
On Thursday, US President Joe Biden said his administration has contacted the governors of 26 affected states and that the federal government is prepared to offer help where needed.
He also encouraged people to avoid travelling as the conditions worsen. “Please take this storm extremely seriously,” Mr Biden said.

This might means some stations are forced off air (that could be due loss of electricity or by snow drifts burying the bases of antenna masts; heavy snow can stop satellite feeds to transmitter sites due to snow filling dishes) or decide to operate on higher power or extended hours or with special programming.

Steve Whitt to mwcircle iog (2022-12-22)


New schedules in Winter 2022/2023
(All time in UTC)

RBWI 1386 AM

13:00-14:00 Radio Poland (in English)
15:00-15:30 NHK World Japan (monday-friday in Russian (15:00-15:10 news bulletin, 15:25-15:30 technical information), every day English language TV-programm NHK Newsline (monday-friday 15:10-15:25, saturday-sunday 15:00-15:30 (the same 10-minutes bulletin three times in a row in weekend))
16:00 Radio Poland (in Russian)
16:30 Radio Poland (in Polish)
17:00 Radio Poland (in German)
17:30 NHK World Japan (monday-friday in Russian, saturady-sunday English language TV-programm NHK Newsline (the same 10-minutes bulletin two times in a row))
17:50 NHK World Japan interval signal
18:00 Deutsche Welle (in Russian)
18:30 RFE/RL Radio Svododa (in Russian)
21:00 UA:PBC Radio Ukraine International
3:30 NHK World Japan (monday-friday in Russian, saturady-sunday English language TV-programm NHK Newsline (the same 10-minutes bulletin two times in a row))
3:50 NHK World Japan interval signal
4:00 Radio Poland (in Belarusian)
5:00-5:30 Radio Poland (in Ukrainian)

1557 AM

18:00-22:00 Radio Lenta (underground radio for Russia)
In summer was scheduled in 17:00-21:00.

Monitored by KiwiSDR app in smartphones.

Weeri (2022-11-01)

United Kingdom

BBC Radio 4 from Droitwich is off the air again. 
I just checked 198Khz (11th October at 0911 UTC) with my Morphy Richards portable radio and the frequency is silent. 

Alan Jones (2022-10-11)


“К сведению.
Передатчики СВ-ДВ 171, 270 ,576, 1026кГц и старый 675кГц , что в
таблице радиостанций Новосибирска отмечены, в 2021г сданы в утиль,
вместе с фидерными линиями.”

“The transmitters MW-LW 171, 270, 576, 1026 kHz and the old 675 kHz,
which are marked in the table of Novosibirsk radio stations, were
scrapped in 2021, along with feeder lines.”

55.493991687805575, 83.69030483682087
The pictures are too old to show it.

Marco (2022-07-25)


Now medium wave is on the air again in the Copenhagen area.
Radio208 is back on 1440 kHz (though with a broadcast break of 17-18 DST) from Ishøj – and
World Music Radio on 927 kHz from Hvidovre.

Ydun Ritz (2022-04-29)


Radio Eli, Estonia – 1035 kHz
On 9 March 2022, Radio Eli posted the following on their Facebook page (translated from Russian to English): “Due to recent events on Radio Eli in recent years, and the rise in electricity in Estonia last fall, we did not have enough funds to keep the medium waves running 24/7. We could hear the broadcast outside our country only in the evening. But with God’s help and the active participation of new donors, we were able to make a payment for 1035KHz ROUND THING DURING MARCH. We are so glad the Lord made this possible, especially in light of the current events. Pray that funds will continue to be needed to pay for broadcasting”. (seemingly still 24/7 during April 2022)

A undated schedule for Radio Eli in Russian can be found at
Some highlights from it are as follows, with some familiar organisations mentioned (I have converted times to UTC and programmes are presumed to be in Russian unless otherwise stated):
0100-0140 Tue Friedensstimme Mission
0130-0200 Wed Voice of the Martyrs
0330-0400 Mon-Fri TWR block
0400-0500 Sat/Sun TWR block
0700-0705 Daily Programme guide
0830-0900 Wed Voice of the Martyrs
1000-1100 Sun Orthodox programme (Radio Teos?)
1200-1230 Sun Friedensstimme Mission
1230-1300 Sun Voice of the Martyrs
1300-1305 Daily Programme guide
1305-1400 Sat Service in Ukrainian
1600-1635 Wed Friedenstimme Mission
1900-2000 Daily TWR block (confirmed starting and ending with the TWR Interval Signal on 20 April 2022)
2100-2105 Daily Programme guide
2105-2140 Fri Friedensstimme Mission
2105-2200 Sat Orthodox programme (Radio Teos?)
2140-2200 Fri Voice of the Martyrs
2200-2300 Mon Orthodox programme (Radio Teos?)
2200-2300 Wed Service in Ukrainian

Voice of the Martyrs is known for its programmes on shortwave for North Korea, and more recently for the Maldives. As highlighted above, it also has programmes on Radio Eli on 1035 kHz. The VOM website has the following item from 2 September 2020: “Russia: Strict Opposition to Missionary Activity. In July 2016, Russia passed religion laws restricting “illegal missionary activity” by either citizens or foreigners. This activity could involve speaking to people about religion, or the distribution of either printed, audio or video materials. Between January and June of this year, there have been 42 known prosecutions, resulting in 36 convictions. All those who were convicted received fines. Most of the recent convictions have not involved religious organisations but rather individuals who were sharing their faith. Those charged were convicted because they did not notify the authorities of the existence of their “religious group”, even though they were acting as individuals. These laws do not only affect Christians but also citizens belonging to other religious groups. According to Russia’s current laws, individuals or groups engaging in missionary or evangelistic activities of any kind could possibly be subjected to stiff opposition.”, Presumably the reason for the programmes in Russian on Radio Eli.
If anyone can further clarify the content of Radio Eli’s schedule, please let us know.

Tony Rogers, Birmingham, UK to bdxc-news via WOR iog (2022-04-21)