United Kingdom

Largest Network of Commercial Radios Launched.
From September 2020, 49 of the 56 stations acquired in 2019 by the Bauer Group will change their name to Greatest Hits Radio, making the network the most important in the UK. Only four stations will retain their names under the Hits Radio brand: Pulse 1 in Bradford, Signal 1 in Stoke, The Wave 96.4 in Swansea and Fire Radio in Bournemouth. Three others will remain autonomous (Lincs FM in Lincoln, Pirate FM in Cornwall and Sam FM in Bristol). All the digital-only radio stations acquired last year (from UKRD, Lincs, Wireless and Celador) will be closed down. The closure of the local offices has resulted in staff cuts and protests from listeners as they had to say goodbye to their favourite presenters. 
Here are the details of the operation.
Radio Today (2020-09-03)

United Kingdom

Greatest Hits Radio has replaced dozens of local radio stations across England and Wales this morning.
Listeners have been hearing messages on local radio stations for the last week teasing the takeover by Greatest Hits Radio.
Bauer Media says today marks the launch of the UK’s largest commercial radio network, by joining together three different services; Hits Radio, Greatest Hits Radio and Country Hits Radio.
Radio Today (2020-09-01)


SEN Changes:
Supposedly ‘SEN Track‘ (SENTrack) launches on Aug 22nd (Sat) in Sydney, NSW on 1539kHz replacing Rete Italia’s ‘Niche Radio Network.’SEN (Victoria) and SEN Track stations began this week on DAB+ in Sydney. Niche Radio Network isn’t yet on DAB+ in Sydney, is planned to happen.
621kHz (6EL) Bunbury, WA: ‘SEN Spirit‘ begins broadcasting on Monday 24th, August 2020.
Ian (AUS) to mwmasts groups.io (2020-08-21)


1070 AM, previously occupied by LR1 Radio El Mundo has new owners – Radio Cooperativa, which currently operates on 770 KHz. It is not known whether Radio Cooperativa will move to this new frequency under this same name, leaving the 770 KHz where it currently transmits, and if any, what will happen to the latter frequency,
(Argentina en AM y FM Facebook page)
Bryan Clark to WOR groups.io (2020-08-04)

United States

iHeartMedia San Diego said it has completed the acquisition of KFMB(AM) from Local Media San Diego; and as of today the station, heard on 760 kHz, has changed its call letters to KGB(AM).
“As part of terms of sale, TEGNA Inc. retained ownership of the KFMB(AM) call letters, which required iHeartMedia to make the change,” iHeart stated in an announcement.
“The Federal Communications Commission has approved the use of new call letters KGB for AM 760.”
[Related: “San Diego Stations Hit by Wave of Firings and Potential Job Cuts,” Jan. 2020]
It quoted Market President Melissa Forrest noting that the KGB call letters are legendary in San Diego. The company already uses them on an FM signal in the market. The AM format is talk; iHeartMedia began operating KFMB under a local marketing agreement in March.
iHeartMedia San Diego’s holdings now are KGB(AM), KGB(FM), KHTS(FM), KIOZ(FM), KLSD(AM), KMYI(FM), KOGO(AM) and KSSX(FM).
By Paul McLane, published July 4, 2020.
RW NewsBytes newsletter (2020-07-13)


As of July 1st, the small transmitter JOE from Erlangen has gone up 9 kHz to 1485 kHz, to avoid disturbing 1476 kHz Museumssender from Bad Ischl in the evenings, operator Ralph Oppelt reports in our A-DX list.
Seit heute sendet der kleine JOE 9 kHz höher auf 1485 kHz, damit man abends den 1476 kHz Museumssender aus Bad Ischl hier im Raum Erlangen/Fürth/Nürnberg auch hören kann, berichtet der Betreiber Ralph Oppelt in unserer A-DX Liste.
Christoph-DXer in A-DX Fernempfang fb group (2020-07-02)