Migration of some MW stations to FM (extended band) in São Paulo and region, in process:
1040 kHz Radio Capital, to 77.5 MHz;
1200 kHz Radio Cultura, to 77.9 MHz;
1500 kHz Radio Cumbica (Guarulhos), to 84.1 MHz (GRU FM).
This indicates that there are 60 days still for these stations to cut their signals in MW definitively.
Rudolf Grimm (2021-05-07)


IRRS moving to 918 kHz effective April 28, 2021.
We have received final approval for our new frequency. We will be moving from 594 to 918 kHz (daily from 1900-2300 CET) effective April 28, 2021. 918 kHz will be cleaner and propagate better into Central and Northern Europe at night.
WOR will also be moved from 594 to 918 kHz, at the usual times as previously scheduled.
Alfredo E. Cotroneo to WOR (2021-04-27)


XEEST-AM 1440 kHz (1440 AM) Life Waves.
Today Monday March 22, 2021, the XEEST-AM 1440 kHz (1440 AM) premiered the trade name as Waves of Life.
Waves of Life (1440 AM) streams Christian music (music programming), newscasts, spoken programs, health-talked programs and Christian talked programs.
The previous XEEST-AM 1440 kHz (1440 AM) trade name was Waves of Peace and transmitted Christian music (musical programming), talked-about programs, health-talked programs and Christian spoken programs.
The Traditional Waves of Life (1440 AM) signal can be heard on the Internet on its official website that is
The official Facebook social network of Waves of Life (1440 AM) is
Alejandro Badillo Albarrán (translated)
Tim Hall to fb group (2021-03-22)


Radio Tpot received a message from AT today that they have received the LPAM frequency 918 KHz in Grou. It is the same location as where Seabreeze AM has their transmitter. The two transmitters are going to be synchronized with each other that work with the C-QUAM system. “We hope to become the first in the world to apply this”, according to the broadcaster on their Facebook
Seabreeze AM has received a license from AT for the LPAM frequency 1395 KHz with 50 Watt in Laren, according to the broadcaster on their Facebook.
Marco (2021-03-11)


Album AM will be temporarily unavailable from March 1 on 846 kHz, but this frequency will be retained until further notice.
Testing on 1251 kHz will soon be carried out, the license for this frequency was announced on June 12, 2020.
There was no need to start using the 1251 kHz earlier, but now it is time to test and convert the antenna.
No program will be broadcast during maintenance, but when the antenna is operational, you can listen to Album AM on 846 kHz or 1251 kHz.
Album AM (2021-03-03)


Bell Media began 2021 with Wade Oosterman taking charge. He quickly removed senior managers, then laid off over 200 staff, and has just completed cost reductions in Radio that focused on people-intensive formats. Individual station impacts are shown below.
There is finally some current published information on The Shift, a live national late night radio show that replaced Coast to Coast on mostly Corus-owned “Global News” stations. The permanent hosts are Shane Hewitt and Jawn Jang. Shane does weeknights and is based in Calgary AB. Jawn is based at CKNW
New Westminster BC, where he hosts The Shift on weekends.
All times shown are Eastern Local Time: EST in the Winter and EDST in the Summer.
 610 BC Kamloops CHNL “The Shift” airs daily 0100-0500.
 630 AB Edmonton CHED “The Shift” airs daily 0100-0500.
 640 ON Richmond Hill CFMJ “The Shift” airs daily 0100-0500.
 680 MB Winnipeg CJOB “The Shift” airs daily 0100-0500.
 690 QC Montreal CKGM All Sports TSN-690 had its license renewed but was denied its request to reduce local programming from 96 hours/week to 63 hours. In 2013, the CRTC granted an exception to its Common Ownership Policy for Montreal, allowing Bell Media to keep CKGM after purchasing Astral Media’s stations, with one of the conditions requiring CKGM to provide at least 96 hours per week of local programming.
 770 AB Calgary CHQR “The Shift” airs daily 0100-0500.
 800 QC Montreal CJAD The Newsroom was shuttered February 1st with the elimination of all reporters and some News announcers, with evening Newscasts being done by CFCF-DT “CTV Montreal” TV announcers. TV reporters will now record both audio and video reports. The audio from CFCF-DT’s “CTV News at 6” is now being aired on CJAD; CFRB-1010 Toronto ON and CFRA-580 Ottawa ON were already airing the audio of their local CTV supper hour News.
 900 ON Hamilton CHML “The Shift” airs daily 0100-0500.
 980 BC New Westminster CKNW “The Shift” airs daily 0100-0500. ON London CFPL “The Shift” airs daily 0100-0500.
1040 BC Vancouver CKST All Sports TSN-1040 was abruptly ended February 9th and Funny-1040 debuted February 12th. In between, it was continuous Classic Hits.
1150 ON Hamilton CKOC All Sports TSN-1150 became All Business News “BNN Bloomberg Radio 1150” on February 9th, fashioned after CFTE (see below).
1260 AB Edmonton CFRN All Sports TSN-1260 continues, with some staff being laid off.
1290 MB Winnipeg CFRW All Sports TSN-1290 was abruptly ended February 9th and Funny-1290 debuted February 12th. In between, it was continuous Classic Hits.
1410 BC Vancouver CFTE All Business News “BNN Bloomberg Radio 1410” continues, with at least one high profile network host laid off.
1460 ON Guelph CJOY No longer airs “The Shift” overnights.
The Facebook page Canadian Radio News by Dan Sys provides much of the information for this column. Additional information was provided by and
IRCA DX Monitor Feb 20, 2021, published Feb 15 via WOR (2021-02-15)

Czech Republic

Radio Dechovka wrote
“We would like to warn the listeners that on February 28 all medium-wave transmitters on the frequency AM 1233kHz will be switched off.
After February 28, 2021, lovers of medium waves can retune to the AM 792kHz frequency, from the Hradec Králové – Stěžery transmitter.
… and soon to 1260kHz!

AM 792 kHz
Transmitter Hradec Králové – Stěžery”

In are 4 transmitters for 1233 listed:
České Budějovice/Husovakolonie

For 1260
Líbeznice/Bořanovice is listed as planned with 10 kW antenna looks like cage antenna/ARRT.

Hradec Kralove/Stěžery is listed as active on 792 kHz.
There were some SW antenna (log-periodic?), but these were removed years ago.
There’s a mast with guy wires with insulators in, maybe this is the MW mast for 792.
Marco (2021-02-15)