I can hear to Radio Tiempo at 1060 kHz, a religious station in Caracas (Venezuela). The frequency assigned to it as can be seen on its website is 1200kHz. Weak signal. Ann. from its programmes and music at 21.20 UTC.
(Via kiwi-SDR Bonaire)

Francisco Sánchez Spain (2023–01-12)

United Kingdom

Radio listeners in Ayrshire will be saying goodbye to West Sound [1035 kHz / Ed] in the not-too-distant future.
Owners Bauer Media have announced plans to rebrand seven of the company’s stations across Scotland under the ‘Greatest Hits Radio’ banner.
West Sound Ayrshire will join Clyde 2, Forth 2, MFR 2, Northsound 2, Tay 2 and West Sound in Dumfries and Galloway, who will now all be airing under the same name.
Bauer intends to launch “Scotland’s first nationwide commercial radio station” from April 3, 2023.
Station frequencies will stay the same.

Steve Whitt to mwcircle iog (2023-01-12)


Changes in the Italian private MW station scene.
Since yesterday January  11th, Radio Diffusione Europea (Trieste, NE Italy) is transmitting on the new frequency of 1503 kHz (ex 1584 kHz). At present it’s using only 100 W due to a technical problem (a blown high voltage capacitor).

As soon as RDE left the frequency, on 1584 kHz another station appeared, not identified yet. It’s a religiuos station with non stop religious songs. It also relayed a news bulletin by Radio Vaticana (Italian service of Vatican Radio). More to follow.

73 Fabrizio Magrone (Italy) to mwcircle iog (2023-01-12)

Thanks. I wonder where that other station is? Nothing heard now at 0930 via Trieste Kiwi’s and near Venezia Radio Piterpan is heard.

73, Mauno Ritola to mwcircle iog (2023-01-12)

United States

Following up on the KMED “retiring” 1440 kHz story … on Monday (Jan. 9) of this week the FCC approved a flip of call signs between KMED-1440 Medford OR and co-owned KYVL-106.3 Eagle Point OR, to be effective today (Jan. 11). The new callsign for 1440 is live in the FCC LMS system (though not yet in CDBS/AM Query) as of this evening.

David Yocis, Alexandria VA to irca iog (2023-01-12)

KMED is still on the air.  They got my hopes up on Sunday morning by disappearing for several hours, but they were back just after 7 am and have been heard every night so far this week.  At 9 pm tonight, I heard an ID for “KMED & KMED-HD1 Eagle Point, KCMD Grants Pass, and KYVL Medford”, so the call swap is confirmed.

Bruce Portzer to irca iog (2023-01-12)


Today 11 January the Italian private station RDERadio Diffusione Europea, transmitting from Trieste, is going to switch to a new frequency of 1503 kHz, to avoid interferences on the crowded present frequency of 1584 kHz.
1584 will be closed in the morning, while 1503 should be switched on in the (early) afternoon.

Fabrizio Magrone to mwcircle iog (2023-01-11) 


Peru has recently held a public tender to assign a total of 88 frequencies (73 FM and 15 AM). But only 43 frequencies were awarded by the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC).
The city that had the most applicants was Espinar in Cusco, where 13 bidders competed for 5 frequencies; In Arequipa, for the town of Caylloma, 10 bidders participated for a single frequency.
The highest amount offered was for a frequency in the town of Caylloma – Chivay de Arequipa for an AM frequency, where the bidder offered S/101,100 soles (approx. £22000) for the 1530kHz frequency. Two other MW frequencies were won, 910kHz (Huancavelica) and 950kHz (Ayacucho)
The second public tender for AM and FM Radio frequencies is currently in process for 59 FM frequencies and 6 AM frequencies in different regions of the country.
More information:

Steve Whitt, Medium Wave News January (2023-01-03)


Interesting to note that 2 All India Radio stations in Uttar Pradesh state changed their names with effect from yesterday 21 September 2022.
All India Radio -Allahabad which operates on 1026 kHz & 100.3 MHz was changed to All India Radio Prayagraj while All India Radio -Faizabad which operates on 101.9 MHz changed to All India Radio-Ayodhya.
This follows changes in name of the cities.
Info got from Jhavendra Kumar Dhruv, Raipur, India

Jose Jacob to dxindia iog (2022-09-22)


LRA5 1300kHz. Radio and Television Argentina announced that as of today, Tuesday, September 20, Radio Nacional Rosario will bear the official name of LRA5 Radio Nacional Rosario Roberto Fontanarrosa , in homage to the enormous artist from Rosario. The official ceremony, which has the support of the family and the editors of Fontanarrosa, will take place in the historic headquarters of the radio station in the center of the city of Rosario and will be broadcast throughout the country by TVPública and by the 49 stations of National Radio.

The transmission can also be followed on the YouTube channel of Radio Nacional, and will feature testimonies from personalities close to the Master. In addition, with the presence of national authorities, the plaque that will immortalize the new name of the radio station will be unveiled.

In this way, Radio Nacional Argentina promotes and stimulates collective memory towards the exponents of our culture.

Steve Whitt to mwcircle iog (2022-09-20)