After the death of Rimantas Pleikis, there is no one to contact for information about the timetable for [Baltic Waves International, Viesintos] 1386 AM.
But on the sites of radio stations, you can find changes in the schedule.
 3:30 NHK World Japan. Russian service (NHK Newsline is broadcast on weekends from NHK World Japan, an English-language TV channel)
 4:00 Polskie Radio. Belarusian service
 5:00-5:30 Polskie Radio. Ukrainian service
12:00-13:00 Polskie Radio. English service
15:30 Polskie Radio. Polish service
16:00 Polskie Radio. Russian service
16:30-17:00 Polskie Radio. German service
17:30 NHK World Japan. Russian service
18:00 Radio Svaboda. Belarusian service (now the radio hour consists of a mix of youtube programs, podcasts and archives. But this is in case the Internet is not shut down again)
19:00 Radio Liberty. Russian service
19:00-21:00 Radio Svaboda. Belarusian service

Promonitoril 1386 AM.
The sites were rushed to make changes.
From 18:00 to 21:00, as before, the Russian Freedom Service.
RUS-DX #1128 via WOR (2021-04-11)

New Zealand

It will be 37 years to the day since the New Zealand radio station, now 1368AM [Village Radio], call sign Station 1XT, first commenced broadcasting from the village in 17th Avenue West. That occasion was to mark the city of Tauranga celebrating its 21st birthday.
On Tuesday April 13, the radio station will be “firing up” its original transmitter, says Station Manager George Stewart.
The 84 year old Collins one kilowatt transmitter was built at Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in the USA.
More about the story
Mike Terry to WRTH fb group (2021-04-11)


New research doubles the odds of extreme geomagnetic storms.
A new study just published in the research journal Space Weather finds that extreme geomagnetic storms happen twice as often as previously thought.
Storms once thought to be 100-year events may recur in less than 45 years. These conclusions result from a combination of cutting-edge statistics and years of historical detective work.
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Mike Terry in WOR (2021-04-10)


1431 [Uni Radio from Thessaloniki] strikes back.
Further to my previous report the station has been tested by field monitoring last Monday to transmit from their usual QTH at the Uni . Peak level signal is 83/25 (-10dbm??) at a distance less than  30 m.
At a distance of 600m  my parents house the signal is 64/25.
NO signal on 8 or 9 April on local evenings . Back on 10 at 07 with -40dbm in the Salonica SDR but at 0750 with only a poor carrier …
Zacharias Liangas via (2021-04-10)

Russia/ Unidentified

WRN from Noginsk isn’t on air yet, but they still plan to.
On 1575 kHz I noticed a Russian station, but I don’t get the ID (reception/language skills too bad). I recorded it, maybe someone gets the ID. The say первый канал … россии.
On the other recording they say говорит … радио ссф (this is what I understood and the normally begin the station IDs with говорит)

Listen to it via these SDRs:

I checked, it is not Italy.
There is listed a pirate station from Smolensk, some websites say 1 kW.
I did’t hear something that sounds like this ID yet.
Marco (2021-04-09)

United States

Radio Marti 1180 kHz.
Marti runs a pattern that looks like a ‘peanut’ oriented east-west that heads south to cover as much of Cuba as jammers allow.
It very heavily protects WHAM. USGov and WHAM were ‘in court’ and before the FCC for years back in the 60’s when it first came on the air at 50kW.
The power was raised to 100kW only because this is a USGov operation and can essentially ignore FCC rules. Permission was garnered from the IRAC – Inter-Agency Radio Advisory Committee in the 90’s as far as I recall.
It should not be heard very far North and so far as I know isn’t.
Bill Whitacre in nrc-am via WOR (2021-04-08)


The updated Home and External Services details of All India Radio is now available in the official  Prasar Bharathi website like in the past  as follows:
External Services
Home Services:
It may be noted that the Printed Schedules sent by post by AIR in the past has been discontinued.
Jose Jacob, VU2JOS to dxindia (2021-04-08)

United Kingdom

1413 kHz: Ofcom has granted a five year extension to a number of Community Radio stations. The list includes the AM station Bradford Asian Radio. The licence of the Bradford Asian Radio Limited Company (Syed Hassan, Suite 23, 8th Floor, West Riding House, 41 Cheapside, Bradford) now runs until 30 November 2026. The programme is broadcast on AM 1413 kHz and online at (6 April 2021)
via Dr Hansjoerg Biener (2021-04-07)

New Zealand

RNZ National Gebbies Pass 675 kHz is currently off air. There are no scheduled outages. The AM Network 963 kHz is on air so it must be a transmitter fault.
Paul R. to ICDX-AM (2021-04-06)