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For the first time since it began broadcasting on Aug. 11, 1932, White Plains radio station WFAS can no longer be heard on standard AM radios.

Cumulus Media, which owns 415 radio stations in 86 U.S. markets, has shut down the station’s analog AM transmitter, leaving only electronic noise to be heard on standard AM radios tuned to the WFAS frequency of 1230 on the AM dial.

Cumulus has converted WFAS-AM into AM1230Digital and is transmitting a digital signal that can only be heard on digital AM receivers. Cumulus says that the digital signal will offer listeners equipped with digital radios better sound quality while covering an expanded area beyond Westchester County. I

The station’s new coverage area includes large portions of New York City, the North Shore of Long Island, northern New Jersey and Fairfield County.

According to the National Association of Broadcasters, approximately 25% of the vehicles on the road in the U.S. have radios that are capable of receiving digital AM signals. The Federal Communications Commission has approved use by U.S. broadcasters of the digital radio technology known as HD Radio MA3 and foresees a gradual voluntary transition to digital broadcasting on the AM radio band.

Cumulus says that the new AM1230Digital is the first digital AM radio station broadcasting in the New York metropolitan area.

Cumulus several years ago ended WFAS-AM’s programming as a full-service community-oriented station and now offers a news-talk format on weekdays and CBS Sports Radio on weekends. The former “WFAS” referred to Frank A. Seitz, father of station founder Frank A. Seitz Jr.

In 1947, WFAS added an FM station to its existing station on the AM band. Beginning in the 1950s, both the AM and FM stations operated from studios on Secor Road in Hartsdale. AM1230Digital now gives a contact address in New York City.

In 2014, Cumulus changed the call letters of WFAS-FM to WNBM and moved the transmitter site to the Bronx and began programming the station from existing Cumulus studios in Manhattan.
https://westfaironline.com/136684/wfas-no-longer-on-your-standard-am-radio/ by Peter Katz.
Mike Terry to WOR groups.io (2021-05-26)

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WNJC 1360 AM DX Tests.
We will be back in exactly one week! 1 hour DX test midnight EDT beginning June 1st!
Duke Hamann to WNJC 1360 DX Tests fb group (2021-05-25)

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“The Courtesy Program Committee (CPC) of the NRC & IRCA is pleased to announce that WNJC 1360 kHz in Washington Township, New Jersey will be conducting maintenance tests on their automation systems and other equipment during the summer, resulting in some opportunities for DX’ers to log this station.
Chief Engineer Duke Hamann sent the following notice regarding the summer schedule:
Nightly for the entire month. June 1-June 30th starting at Midnight EDT (0400 UTC) for one hour. The Burke Controller will be programmed to switch to daytime pattern and power during that hour. Daytime power is 5,000 watts.
The test material will consist of a brief voice announcement, followed by nothing but Morse Code ID’s at 800 hz, 900 hz, and 1,000 hz. Most of the CW will be high speed at 25 WPM.
There will also be plenty of sweep tones, 1,000 hz long-duration tones, and off-hook sound effects. No music, voice, or other distractions. Similar to the KCUP test earlier this year, it should provide the optimum chance to cut through the summer static.
July 1st through 7th. Midnight EDT (0400 UTC) to 5 AM EDT (0900 UTC) “Hybrid” DX Test. Test will be daytime power, 5kw but into an omnidirectional pattern.
Test material will be limited to CW only at 800 hz, 900 hz, and 1,000 hz along with the simultaneous transmission of FT-8 computer mode transmissions.
FT8 is used by amateur radio operators to communicate over long distances at very low power levels. Receiving it is even easier, and can literally be done by putting a microphone from your computer close to your receiver’s speaker. Using FT8 WNJC was received nationwide and in several countries last year. How to get started, try these tutorials or search Google for “Getting Started in FT8.”
July 4th Special Test. On July 4th WNJC will conduct a special Independence Day event starting at 8 PM EDT (00:00 UTC) until 6 AM EDT (1000 UTC).
Test material will consist of voice ID’s, jingles, Morse Code IDs, sweep tones, along with special patriotic music and sound effects.To assist in keeping DX’ers informed of last-minute changes and to better track receptions of the station during its maintenance, CE Hamann has created a Facebook group:
WNJC DX Test Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/wnjc1360dx
QSL’s for the June tests and July 1-7 Tests will be handled by the Courtesy Program Committee of the NRC/IRCA. Our QSL requirements are very specific:
All requests must be submitted via e-mail to: les@highnoonfilm.comQSL requests must include a recording of the best two minutes of your reception in either .MP3, .WAV, or .MP4 video. No written reports will be accepted for verification.
Requests must be received by August 1st.
Only one QSL per DX’er regardless of how many times you receive the test (s).
If you use a remote SDR or receiver to log the test, we will honor only one QSL per DX’er. No multiple QSL requests. You must clearly state the location of the receiver that you used to receive the station.
The July 4th Special Test QSL requests will be processed directly by John “Duke” Hamann, Chief Engineer of WNJC. The requirements are:
All requests must be submitted via e-mail to: duxpond.kc2dux@gmail.com
Only one QSL per DX’er. You may apply for the July 4th Special QSL even if you have already received the test earlier.
73, Les Rayburn, N1LFNRC & IRCA Courtesy Program Committee ChairmanMember WTFDA, MWC”
Leslie Gammascorch in WNJC 1360 AM Tests FB group (2021-05-25)

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A trio of AMs in Southwest Florida have surrendered their licenses back to the FCC.

Fort Myers Broadcasting Company has turned in the licenses of 1200 WAXA Pine Island Center/Fort Myers and 1460 WNPL Golden Gate/Naples. The two stations had served as the originating signals for Spanish Tropical “Maxima 97.3/95.7“. Those translators are now being fed via an HD subchannel of 96.9 WINK-FM Fort Myers.

Sun Broadcasting Inc. surrendered 1270 WNOG Naples. WNOG, which shared its four tower array with WNPL, had served as the originating station for 105.9 W290DB Naples. That translator is now being fed via 93.7 WHEL-HD3 Sanibel as it continues to operate as “Fox Sports Southwest Florida” along with 103.3 W277AP Bayshore.
RadioInsight (2021-05-24)

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Four AM stations deleted in one week!
Three Fort Myers area AM stations have surrendered their licenses to the FCC. This follows last week’s announcement that the owner of Ohio station WJEH 990 surrendered the station’s license to the FCC rather than participate in an administrative hearing to determine the station’s fate, despite a pending sale of WJEH.
Dawid Wilson to I Love AM Radio FB group (2021-05-24)


More valuable mediumwave info from fellow DXers in Argentina:

From Argentina en AM y FM:
(Google translate)
Argentina and Peru, are the only two countries of the Southern Cone of America that own operational stations in the expanded Modulated Amplitude Band (1610-1710 KHz), even our country has awarded several seasons in that segment of the dial, although most of them are currently without airing and other long inactive. During this year 2021, the reduction in the number of audible stations in that extended sector of the dial is very noticeable, with many stations being stopped operating for the reasons we were referring to in previous articles.
Here is the list of stations active at the end of May 2021:
1610, Magic Radio (Laboulaye, Cordoba), Radio Light of the World (Rafael Calzada, Buenos Aires)
Radio Sentires (Merlo, Buenos Aires)
1620, Radio Italy (Villa Martelli, Buenos Aires)
1620, AM 16-20 Radio (Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires)
1620, Radio Mitre (Cañada de Gomez, Santa Fe)
1630, LRI234 Radio America (San Jose, Between Rivers)
1650, Radio A (Adrogué, Buenos Aires) – TESTING
1660, LRI232 Radio City of Nogoyá (Nogoyá, Between Rivers)
1660, Radio Revivir (Gregory of Laferrere, Buenos Aires)
1710, Radio Jungle (Ituzaingó, Buenos Aires) 
Mika DX Makelainen to DXing.info FB group (2021-05-23)

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WJEH Surrenders License Rather Than Proceed With Revocation Hearing.
Vandalia Media Partners 2 has surrendered the license of 990 WJEH Gallipolis OH.
The FCC has held an initial status conference on April 28 for WJEH’s license renewal hearing brought on by WJEH being silent or operating via STA for all but 28 days since Vandalia took control of the station in December 2019. A sale of WJEH to Zack Media South for $4,000 had been pending.
RadioInsight (2021-05-23)