United Kingdom

The BBC deletion is now being clarified although no schedule of closure dates has been released.
The closure of 657kHz Wrexham (which squashed BBC World Service in North West England on 648kHz) will mean that at night presumably listeners in the cities of Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham can enjoy Radio Caroline from Orfordness.
I also am puzzled why the nationwide Lisnagarvey 1341khz outlet is being closed when the 810khz  Radio Scotland and 882kHz Radio Wales 100KW transmitters remain on air.
Also, it appears that AM broadcasting from Wales will end.
Dan Goldfarb, mwmasts groups.io (2021-04-15)

United Kingdom

Ten more local BBC radio stations are turning off their Medium Wave transmitters for good this year.
BBC Essex, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, BBC Radio Devon, BBC Radio Leeds, BBC Radio Sheffield, BBC Hereford & Worcester, BBC Radio Stoke, BBC Radio Lancashire, BBC Radio Ulster and BBC Radio Foyle will be FM and digital only in May and June 2021.
In addition, BBC Radio Wales and BBC Radio Gloucestershire will reduce AM coverage.
RadioToday (2021-04-14)

South Africa

The popular Western CapeTalk radio station [on 567 kHz] has been left unable to broadcast on its biggest platform – after its transmitter site was burgled overnight.
One of the biggest radio stations in the Western Cape has been left unable to broadcast to its audience via the radio on Sunday, thanks to an act of criminality. As it stands, CapeTalk cannot operate on a radio frequency – leaving thousands of listeners unable to tune in for their favourite programmes.
It has since been revealed that there was a burglary at the transmitter site – an integral part of CapeTalk’s set-up. The theft was reported earlier this morning, and police have now opened an investigation into the matter. The station issued this statement today, confirming that there are other ways to tune into the channel while the radio service is down.
The South African (2021-04-04)


I recently checked on the Internet and discovered that 999kHz 2ST Nowra NSW AUS closed its AM transmitter on March 1, 2021. It now resides on 91.7MHz FM.
999kHz is still used by 2NB Broken Hill NSW AUS.
Just of interest, 2ST commenced in 1972 on 1000kHz. Despite living up in Sydney NSW back then, 2ST could only be heard at night and not during the daytime.
Robert Copeman to ICDX-AM groups.io (2021-03-26)


Nachdem vor einiger Zeit Radio Milano auf der 1.602 kHz wieder On the Air war, wurde das originale Programm vom Internetradio zur Mittelwelle abgekoppelt. Auf der 1.602 kHz ist nun ein anderes – weniger interessantes – Programm aus Milano zu hören. Die tägliche Abschaltung des Mittelwellensenders Nachts um genau 00:10 Uhr, wurde indes beibehalten. 
Auch die Testsendungen auf der 927 kHz, ebenfalls aus Milano, entfielen seit Ende letzten Jahres. 

Google translate:
After Radio Milano was on the air again some time ago on the 1,602 kHz, the original program was decoupled from Internet radio to medium wave. Another – less interesting – program from Milan can now be heard on 1,602 kHz. The daily shutdown of the medium wave transmitter at night at exactly 00:10 was retained.
The test transmissions on the 927 kHz, also from Milan, have been discontinued since the end of last year.
Steffen Mehnert (2021-03-22)


Yesterday, Robert Copeman sent me a email advising that 765 2EC Bega, NSW had closed down, and moved to 94.5 FM. This was news to me. Robert also asked if any new reception possibilities are now available since the closure.
Last night around 11:30 pm, 765 KHz was tuned. The noteworthy feature is that when aiming the loop north, the channel is clearer than ever when nulling 5CC Port Lincoln, South Australia. 765 KHz Fuzhou, Fujian, China (600 kW) is now easy to hear at good levels.
One TX loss results in another gain.
Todd, (PK indoor loop + Sangean PR-D15) to ICDX-AM@groups.io (2021-03-17)


Two stations in Montevideo, Uruguay are currently off the air due to actions of alleged looting by vandals. The damage was reported in the respective transmitter sitesemission plants, with theft of cables and other material, which prevents them from going on the air. This has been the case of CX42 Emisora ​​Ciudad de Montevideo; and a few hours ago, that of CX30 Radio Nacional. Both used SW in the past.
The two stations, as well as a bunch of other broadcasters have their transmission sites on the outskirts of the city, in semi-urban areas. And they must have their own guardmen, who even inhabit those places permanently, keeping watch.
It is rather unusual for two stations to be off the air for these reasons at the same time, nevertheless they are framed in a certain panorama of economic crisis in the field of medium wave broadcasting. So much so, that the first to suffer the damage, the Yizmeián brothers’ CX42, that happened three months ago, has not yet been able to recover from the disorder. And it is very likely that its current owners sell it, according to my reports.
In the case of CX30, 1130, it is financially supported, as stated, by contributions from unions or employee unions, where they take the opportunity to publicize their auditions. The two, as well manage the system of rented programs.
A few weeks ago, the status of the emblematic only-tango and folk music CX58 Radio Clarín, 580, was announced it had to close on March 1, is also for sale and currently in stages of transfer of ownership, with the intermediation of the Ministry of Culture as an exception. It has continued broadcasting, until they find new administration.
Horacio Nigro Geolkiewsky to DXing.info fb group (2021-03-12)

United Kingdom

Four AM transmitters in the North turn off in April. these are all Greatest Hits Radio in Lancashire, Manchester and Leeds, plus Magic in Humberside in the UK.
Bauer to turn off four AM transmitters in the North – RadioToday:
In Lancashire, 999 kHz carries the same output as 96.5FM in Blackpool, in Manchester 1152 kHz is duplicated on 96.2FM from Oldham and GHR was added to the former Radio Aire frequency of 96.3FM last year in addition to 828 kHz.
Bauer will also switch off the Magic Radio AM (1161 kHz) in Hull. Magic replaced Greatest Hits on AM last year when KCFM (owned by Nation Broadcasting) re-branded as Greatest Hits Radio.
David Ayling (2021-02-25)

Czech Republic

1233 Dechovka about to close, now with info loop. Radio Dechovka has stopped airing the regular music programme on this frequency yesterday and is now broadcasting an in total 24 minutes long loop programme containing of the station hymn played several times, two songs and after each music the same 2 minutes long “retune information” spoken by a female voice. Content: Dear Listeners of Radio Dechovka in Middle, East and North Bohemia will have to retune their radios from the end of February as this service has ended.
792 kHz local in Hradec Kralove will remain and continues with normal programming, which improves its coverage during evening hours and at night into the whole republic because of the propagaion on the medium wave band.
The loop does also feature detailled instructions how to listen via digital television (DVB-T2) by using the Radio/TV button on the remote control of the DVB-T receiver. Digital radio DAB and FM frequencies are mentioned only at the end of the text.

Horst Puestow, Germany (2021-02-24)

United States

WFME 1560 went off air at 1616 UTC today.
WFME 1560 gikk av luften kl 1616z i dag. Blir interessant å se hva som skjer videre. Kanskje noen ledetråder i GM og President sin tale i loopen de har sendt de siste dagene.
Svenn Martinsen to DX_LISTENERS’ CLUB fb group (2021-02-15)