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Another antique bites the dust.
Another old one – old enough to have a 3 letter call sign – is gone.

From the FCC public notices today:
“BL-4618 License ToCover
AM KID 22194 Main 590.0 ,IDAHO FALLS, ID
03/03/2023 Cancelled
Comment #1 License cancelled and callsign deleted per request of applicant”.

And the letter from the licensee’s legal counsel requesting the deletion is attached.

Ben Dawson (2023-03-07)

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After losing its tower site lease in 2021 and then returning to the air last fall via STA with just 1kW daytime, Rich Broadcasting has turned in the license of 590 KID Idaho Falls ID. The station’s News/Talk programming remains on 92.1 KIDG Pocatello and 106.3 KIDJ Sugar City ID.

Following its failed sale to KGAY PSP due to the inability to find a new tower site, News-Press & Gazette’s Gulf-California Broadcast Company has turned in the license of 1400 KESQ Indio CA.

Lance Venta, RadioInsight (2023-03-05)

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I just got word that KID 590 Idaho Falls ID is gone. The property owner would not renew the lease, so the license was turned in. Wow!
Another one. Glad I got that one years ago during a Winter day. KID was rare here. A nice verie letter too.
Then KFXD-630 Boise has down graded as they are only going to use one tower, will be something like 38 watts at night.
Then gone are the two stations in Las Vegas. They are dying like flies. Who is next?
There tower property can be worth millions, often it is more valuable than an AM station.

Patrick Martin to irca iog (2023-03-05)

KID 590 has been off the air for probably a year or more. We went to the tower site last September when we were in the area on vacation and taking radio and TV photos for my johninarizona.com website. The towers were gone, and you could see where the transmitter building had been.

John Johnson to irca iog (2023-03-05)


Third largest structure in Iceland is demolished Wednesday (today)

Once ubiquitous, few radios now receive long wave broadcasts. Priority is now given to boosting FM signals. RÚV‘s long wave transmitter in East Iceland is to be demolished.
The mast which will be demolished on Wednesday.

Mike Terry to WRTH FB group (2023-03-01)


More about the closure of Eidar longwave transmitter on 207 kHz
in Icelandic, but Google translate does a good job

“Today at 15:11 RÚV’s long wave transmitter finished its mission on Eid. Then the transmitter stopped broadcasting the daily RÚV and is now singing its last with an announcement that RÚV’s broadcast on this frequency has been turned off. The long-wave tower on Eid will be taken down on Wednesday, but it is the third tallest structure in the country, 218 meters high.

The long wave on Eiður has been replaced by a more powerful FM system in East Iceland. RÚV increased the number of FM transmitters and renewed. For a while it will continue to be broadcast on longwave from Gufuskálar, but then the FM system will completely take over the role of safety broadcasts.

In an announcement from RÚV, it is stated that the equipment needed to maintain the existing masts is very expensive and radio equipment that receives longwave broadcasts is rare. The change should be made in cooperation with Emergency Line and Public Safety. The construction of the FM system in less frequented places started in 2017 and is progressing well. Transmitters have been placed on the highlands as well as large transmitters at key locations for seafarers. Back-up power stations reduce the risk of transmission interruptions due to weather and power outages. In the next two years, the FM system will be further concentrated in the service area of the long-wave transmitter at Gufuskálar, and it is expected to be taken out of service next year.”

At ruv.is/dreifikefirti there is information on where to access RÚV’s broadcasts. It is also possible to present suggestions on where the distribution system could be improved.

Hansjoerg Biener to MWlist iog (2023-02-27)


Eiðar (207 kHz) is now broadcasting a close-down loop. The mast will be brought down next Wednesday.
Gufuskálar (189 kHz) will likely close down next year. FM and Internet are to replace them.

Reynir Heidberg Stefansson (2023-02-27)