Czech Republic

Prague (dpa) –
Radio reception on medium wave (MW) and long wave (LW) has been history in many parts of Europe for years.
Now, in the Czech Republic, at least the public broadcaster will stop transmitting on MW and LW as the new year starts on Saturday.
The powerful transmitters on the frequencies 270, 639 and 954 kilohertz could also be received in large parts of Germany.
The reason given for the move was the widespread availability of terrestrial digital radio DAB+ and the high costs of broadcasting.
Those still listening using medium waves were to be persuaded to switch with a campaign. The radio station Cesky Rozhlas set up a telephone hotline to answer questions.
It was not known at first whether the transmitters would be retained or used for other purposes.
The antenna of the medium-wave transmitter Liblice B east of Prague is considered the highest structure in the Czech Republic, with a height of 355 metres.
Impuls, the most-listened to private radio station, wants to remain faithful to medium wave for the time being. It broadcasts its second programme, with pop and country music, on analogue transmission.,.,

Mike Terry to WOR iog (2022-01-01)


DX India Exclusive:
The latest monitoring observations show that the following  SW stations of All India Radio that were heard very well till yesterday are absent today 1 January 2022. This tallies with the various media reports that  some old transmitters of  AIR  stations  were being shut down from yesterday.
1.       Jeypore (50 kW) 5040  kHz
2.       New Delhi (250 kW) 6030, 6100 kHz
3.       Srinagar  (50 kW) 4950, 6110 kHz  
Also the Mumbai (50 kW)  Vividh Bharti transmitter on 1188 kHz  is  noted off air recently.

Jose Jacob, VU2JOS to dxindia iog (2022-01-01)

Czech Republic

Last day for Czech Radio on 270 kHz.
I listened to the final hour of Czech Radio on 270 kHz via the UTwente SDR.  Carrier cut right at 2300 UT December 31 during the clock chimes for the New Year.
I don’t speak Czech, but earlier in the 2200 UT news headlines I could make out enough that Radiozurnal was advising listeners of the closure of long and medium waves, and promoting FM, DAB, and online streaming as alternatives.
Rather poignant seeing the signal disappear from the SDR waterfall display.

Stephen Luce, Houston, Texas to WOR iog (2021-12-31)

Czech Republic

I am listening to CRo Dvojka on 639, 954 and 1332 kHz one hour before final switch off. Very good reception on all three frequencies.
As a memento the song “Enjoy The Silence” by Depeche Mode has just been played.

CRo Radiozurnal on LW 270 kHz will also be switched off for good tonight.

Ydun Ritz (2021-12-31)