RTÉ 1 on 252 kHz.
Even if annonced just before 08.00 UTC that transmission would close down at 08.00, still on air with a report about Joe Biden’s visit to Ireland at 08.10 UTC. I am listening via an Irish SDR, but station also audible at my location in southern Denmark, with Algeria underneath.

At 10.48 UTC still on air with normal programming. Seems as there is some echo or delay on the sound.

Ydun Ritz (2023-04-14)

Still running with normal px at 14.51 UTC.


RTÉ announce on 252 kHz today that “from 9am tomorrow, RTÉ Radio 1 will no longer be available on Long Wave …..”

So RTÉ programmes on 252 kHz stop at 9am Irish time (0800 UTC) Friday 14 April 2023.
But maybe will then carry a retuning announcement on 252 until the Clarkstown transmitter near Summerhill (County Meath) is switched off at midnight (2300UTC)?
Recording of RTÉ announcement on 252 kHz today followed by the 12 noon Angelus bell chimes and news in Gaelic is here:
The announcement on 252 cut into a live report on US President Biden arriving to meet the Irish President in Dublin.

Alan Pennington to bdxc-news io group (2023-04-13)


Closing down time of RTÉ 252 kHz.
I was in contact with RTE about that and got this answer: “In relation to your query, the transmitter will be switched off at midnight Irish time on April 14.” [23.00 UTC April 14th / Ed]

Gianni Muller (2023-04-12)


Radio changes in Dalian, China – 2 AM frequencies were stopped.

AM transmission of ex Finance & Economy Radio on 1152kHz (called “AM1152”, 10kW, over Chengshi transmitter site) was stopped in July 2022, and has not been on air since then.

Dalian Chengshi Radio”, launched in cooperation with Dalian RGD and Lushun RGD, using FM95.6MHz and AM1575kHz, stopped broadcasting on July 1 2022. A part of their programs were transferred to Children Radio of Dalian RGD (106.7MHz), FM frequency 95.6MHz was transferred to General Radio of Lushun RGD which began their own broadcasting. AM1575kHz (over Shequ transmitter site, 2kW) was abolished.

Original article in Chinese is at
By the way this site has been blocked by China Telecom since February 23 2023. Those who use China Telecom are requested to use another network.
General News Radio is streamed 24H on internet

Takahito Akabayashi Tokyo, Japan to WOR iog (2023-04-06)


RTÉ Radio 1 will cease broadcasting on Long Wave 252 (LW 252) from Friday 14th April 2023.
RTÉ bosses have confirmed that listeners in Ireland will still be able to access RTÉ Radio 1 on FM, but also on Saorview and Saorsat or on the RTÉ Radio player or Irish Radio player apps.

The broadcaster says the decision to take the Long Wave service off air is based on three interrelated factors including reducing energy usage, widespread availability and the launch of the new RTÉ Radio App on mobile devices.

It said: “Like all businesses, RTÉ is seeking to reduce its energy usage in response to the climate crisis, public expenditure efficiency, and to reduce the burden on the national grid – and LW consumes significant energy.

“Widespread availability of connected devices, which gathered pace during the global pandemic, is giving access to almost unlimited choice. RTÉ must adapt to meet this growing demand for a diverse range of audio services and must be able to make choices regarding investment.” 

RTÉ said in a statement that the LW 252 is no longer sustainable as the transmitter in Summerhill, Co Meath uses up 2.5% of the organisation’s energy use.

The current cost is €250,000 a year and this could rise to £400,000 next year, it says.

When the move was announced originally there were complaints from Irish people in Britain, particularly the elderly, who would no longer be able to get RTÉ Radio 1 on their transistor radios.

The phasing out and closure of the Long Wave service was one of the recommendations of the Future of Media Commission report which was published by the Government in July 2022.

In 2019, the Government announced major upgrade works to an antennae in Co Meath to ensure that the transmission of longwave radio continued for the Irish diaspora.

At that point, the chair of the Oireachtas Communications Committee, Hildegarde Naughton said the works on the equipment would guarantee the continuance of the longwave service for a minimum of two years.

Steve Whitt to mwcircle iog (2023-03-31)


RTE in Ireland have confirmed that their Longwave service on 252 kHz will close on April 14th of this year. An announcement was made on their website. 

“RTÉ Radio 1 will cease broadcasting on Long Wave 252 (LW 252) from Friday 14th April 2023.

In the UK, listeners can continue to enjoy RTÉ Radio 1 on Freesat (channel 750), Sky (channel 0160) and Virgin Media (channel 917), and on their preferred audio streaming service, including the RTÉ Radio Player and Irish Radioplayer apps.

Details of how to voice search RTÉ Radio 1 on Alexa or Google smart speakers are available on

In Ireland, listeners can continue to enjoy RTÉ Radio 1 on FM, on Saorview and Saorsat and online on RTÉ.ie/radio, as well as on their preferred audio streaming service, including the RTÉ Radio Player and Irish Radioplayer apps.

Listeners can also contact the RTE Information Office on +353 12083434 or by emailing for information.”


Conor Burns (2023-03-31)