Saudi Arabia

Saudi 1521 kHz.
As Tarek Zeidan reported, Saudi 1521 kHz seems to be off the air. I checked and found on the last time on 13 Feb. Let’s see, if it remains off like 1440 kHz. Now weak Arabic music there, NOT // 1260 kHz, probably Bahrain.

Mauno Ritola to MWlist (2022-02-16)


As expected, 1521 Rimavska-Sobota closed down shortly after midnight this evening. audio is attached in mp3 format (recorded from webSDR in Fil’akovo SK which is not even 30 kilometres away from the location where this frequency came from!)
What is interesting about it, in the past months there were lots of publications about “bad signal quality”, “faulty transmitter”, “wobbling noise carrier” and “inaudible signal”.
I have recorded the last 30 minutes on a Slovakia based webSDR and the signal was totally fine. A bit quiet on volume but perfectly understandable and a stable and well propagating signal, totally in the clear.
Audio (last 2 minutes) in mp3 format:

1521 is a historic frequency, once in use by high power state radio station CSR from Čižatice

Horst (2022-02-01)

United States

Christian Broadcasting of Greenwood’s 1240 WGRM and 93.9 WGRM-FM Greenwood MS have been deleted after an investigation to allegations filed in a Petition to Deny to the station’s license renewal was filed by crosstown competitor Larry Fuss in 2020. Fuss alleged that the stations were silent for periods over 12 months which were not reported to the FCC, the stations operated sporadically failing to meet minimum operation requirements, had not complied with online public file requirements, and engaged in a premature transfer of control by giving control of the station to Donald Pugh’s Eternity Media Group with no license transfer completed with the FCC, CBG employees at the station, nor an LMA in place with Pugh.
After issuing a letter of inquiry in June 2021, the FCC found the response incomplete because Christian Broadcasting of Greenwood failed to provide requested EAS logs, leases, utility bills, employee payroll records, or personnel records for any part of the roughly five year requested time period. The records it was supplied with were found to be inadequate as they were unable to provide any evidence of either station’s operation in 2016.

Newport Broadcasting Company turned in the license of 1370 KTPA Prescott AR two days ahead of when its license would’ve expired for being silent for a year straight.

Lance Venta, RadioInsight (2022-02-06)


Termination of operation of the medium wave transmitter Rimavská Sobota.
On 31 January 2022, the Slovak Radio and Television will end the operation of the SV Rimavská Sobota string radio transmitter in the Uzovská Panica locality on the frequency of 1521 kHz.
The transmitter in the Rimavská Sobota locality broadcast with a radiated power of 10 kW and was used to broadcast Radio Patria ‘s national broadcast from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. At night, it was supplemented by the broadcasting of the RTVS Rádio Devín program service .
The RTVS decision reflects a change in listeners’ preferences and allows RTVS to continue modernizing its terrestrial broadcasting. The funds so far intended for signal propagation via the Rimavská Sobota medium-wave transmitter will be invested in the development of Slovak Radio’s digital services, in particular in DAB + broadcasting.

Mike Terry to WOR iog (2022-01-31)


It seems that Army MW 810 kHz is not on air anymore. The radio station of the Ukrainian army has been testing several times since the beginning of December on 810 kHz 10 kW.
In an answer to Mauno Ritola the station says: “So, it was test signal…. Now we don’t have medium frequency like 810(( But you can hear us on the satellite and online if you want))) I am sorry 🙄

WOR iog via Ydun Ritz (2022-01-28)


Switch-Off Rimavská Sobota 1521 kHz on 31 January 2022.
I’d like to share information regarding this frequency. It looks that Slovak Radio and TV company RTVS is going to close down this MW transmitter soon.

Article translated from
12.01.2022 | RTVS, Towercom

At the end of the month, medium-wave broadcasting from Rimavská Sobota will be switched off.
On 31 January 2022, the Slovak Radio and Television will end the operation of the Rimavská Sobota – Uzovská Panica medium-wave radio transmitter on the frequency of 1521 kHz.
The transmitter is located in the area of ​​the broadcasting center, from where it has been broadcasting on shortwave since the mid-1950s. The dominant feature not only of the area, but also of its surroundings, are several up to 170 meters high masts from the turn of the 70’s and 80’s, which serve as beams for the antenna field of a shortwave transmitter. It is no longer in operation, it was shut down in 2011.
The mid-wave transmitter is a stand-alone mast that was built in the second half of the 1980s (on the cover photo on the right). At that time it was a novelty, the technology was supplied by the company Tesla Hloubětín. “An interesting and European first was the operation of technical equipment (filters), which allowed the connection of all three medium-wave transmitters, transmitting on three different frequencies, to one antenna, which consisted of a 102-meter-high iron lattice mast,” says the current operator of the transmitter, Towercom on its official website.
While the transmission from Rimavská Sobota on short waves was terminated more than a decade ago, the medium-wave transmitter with a radiated power of 10 kW still works today. In recent years, RTVS has used it to broadcast Radio Patria‘s broadcast for minorities from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm, and has recently been supplemented by Radio Devín.
“The RTVS decision reflects the change in listeners’ preferences and allows RTVS to continue modernizing terrestrial radio broadcasting.
The funds so far intended for signal propagation via the Rimavská Sobota medium-wave transmitter will be invested in the development of Slovak Radio’s digital services, especially in DAB+ broadcasting, “says RTVS.
Broadcasting on medium waves in Slovakia will thus continue from February on only two transmitters – in Nitra at 1098 kHz and in Košice at 702 kHz. RTVS has signed a contract for these two transmitters until the end of 2022.

Ron M. Lackovič (2022-01-16)


DX India exclusive.
My local station AIR Hyderabad B 1377 kHz  20 kW is noted off air today at the usual sign on time of  0100 UTC / 6.30 am IST. It was noted signing off  at 1730 UTC /11.00 pm IST last night.
This channel used to carry Yuv Vani programs in Telugu, English Urdu and other programs in Kannada and Marathi. In the old days there was a DX program also in English being broadcast.
After Covid 19 started, their normal programs were heard only for the morning broadcast (6.30-10.45 am).
The afternoon (1.00 to 3.00 pm) and evening services ( 5.20 to 11.00 pm) were replaced by relay of Vividh Bharati Hindi Service from Mumbai.
Hyderabad B Service was started on 13 Nov 1972. It was in service for exactly 49 years and 2 months. At first a 10 kW transmitter was used which was replaced by a 20 kW one.
Hope some the programs broadcast on Hyderabad B will now be available on Hyderabad A (?)
My QSL for 1377 kHz is in:
End of an era…..

Yours sincerely, Jose Jacob, VU2JOS to dxindia iog (2022-01-15)