Czech Republic

České Radiokomunikace is going to test broadcasting in DRM.
48°59’19.42″N  14°29’37.20″E  location,
formerly AM mode 954 kHz from Plzen site,
Ceske Budejovice formerly 7 kW on 1233 or/and 1287 kHz.


Wolfgang Bueschel to WOR iog (2022-02-12)

Czech Republic

Test broadcasting on DRM will begin in the Czech Republic An

interesting item has appeared in the database of frequency allocations on the website of the Czech Telecommunications Office. České Radiokomunikace is going to test broadcasting in the DRM standard, which is one of the digital radio distribution technologies. It was intended as a replacement for analog AM transmission, as it has significant coverage. At the same time, there is a shortage of receivers on the market for which DRM is tuned.
According to data from the official database, it will be broadcast from České Budějovice, from the same locality where the broadcasting of Czech Radio on medium waves ended at the end of the year. The DRM test transmission is to be transmitted on a frequency of 954 kHz with a power of 3.16 kW.”

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United States

New England Gets Its First All-Digital AM.
WSRO debuts all-digital on 650 kHz near Boston.
Another AM radio station in the United States has converted to all-digital broadcast operations. WSRO(AM) turned off its analog signal in early December and is now broadcasting jazz music in all-digital AM covering the western suburbs of Boston.
The radio station is licensed to Ashland, Mass., and owned by Langer Broadcasting Group. The geographic area considered part of the MetroWest region of Greater Boston and located about a half-hour west of the city.
According to a post by station representatives on a Boston area radio message board: “WSRO Ashland, Mass. is on the air in the digital-only MA-3 mode of HD Radio. The transition occurred about 3:30 p.m. this afternoon (December 1).”
The station, which promoted the switch to all-digital AM on-air, asked for reception reports from listeners in its online post.
WSRO programming is simulcast on FM translator 102.1 MHz in Framingham, Mass. It also simulcasts in analog on 1410 (AM) and 98.1 (FM), according to those familiar with the most recent developments.
Attempts to reach representatives of WSRO for comment on the transition and listener response were unsuccessful.
WSRO was silent from July 9, 2020, through Oct.27, 2020, to reorganize its finances, according to the FCC database. The station broadcast a Brazilian music format until it switched to jazz earlier this year.

The station’s transition follows the recent move of Cumulus Media news talker WFAS(AM) in New York’s Hudson Valley to all-digital AM broadcasting. WWFD(AM) in Frederick, Md., and WMGG(AM) in Tampa, Fla., are two other stations operating with all-digital AM broadcasts.
In addition, several other AM licensees have notified the FCC of their intentions to go all-digital only.
By Randy J. Stine, Published: December 12, 2021

Radio World (2021-12-12)

United States

All-Digital AM is on its way to Boston.
Langer Broadcasting Group has filed with the FCC that it will convert Jazz 650 WSRO Ashland MA to all digital operation on December 1.
WSRO’s programming will still be heard in analog on translator 102.1 W271CU Framingham in the “Metrowest” suburbs. WSRO operates with 1.5kW day/100 watts night directionally right towards Boston.

Lance Venta, RadioInsight (2021-10-31)


There is DRM on 747 now. I’m getting decoding on both Melbourne & Adelaide Kiwi’s. Nothing this side of the Tasman though.
As I read the licence this is a DRM/AM simulcast test using the 3RN licence. The “thou shalt not interfer” will be to make sure local listeners on 756 don’t get too much hiss from the DRM signal. This was a bit of an issue when there were simulcast tests on 657 kHz in Wellington years ago.
Chris Mackerell to ICDX-AM iog (2021-07-26)


ABC Radio National DRM tests on MW.
Great news coming from Australia, ABC National Radio is testing in DRM mode on 756 kHz, from the Broadcast Australia Site at Dockers Plains, Victoria. It was heard by a listener at Melbourne at around 1300 UTC, will share full schedule once available.
Technical Details :
ABC Radio National DRM Test
Logged : 21 July 21
Frequency : 756 kHz AM/747 kHz DRM
Time : 1300 UTC
Txer Site : Dockers Plains, Victoria
DRM mode A
9 kHz Channel
Services: 1. xHE_AAC (F03201) Radio National EEP Audio 16.40 kbps
Alokesh Gupta
Svenn Martinsen to DX-LISTENERS’s CLUB (2021-07-25)


Canada finally has an AM station testing digital HD on AM, rather than the usual practice of placing AM stations on a co-owned FM’s HD channel. As well as
being “first on the dial” at 530, CHLO was also the first station acquired by current owner Evanov.
530 ON Brampton CHLO June 8th marked the beginning of digital HD testing in Hybrid IBOC, making CHLO the first station in Canada to use HD on AM. There is already a report of interference on the international maritime Navtex frequency of 518.
IRCA DX Monitor June 19, published June 14 via WOR (2021-06-15)

United States

For the first time since it began broadcasting on Aug. 11, 1932, White Plains radio station WFAS can no longer be heard on standard AM radios.

Cumulus Media, which owns 415 radio stations in 86 U.S. markets, has shut down the station’s analog AM transmitter, leaving only electronic noise to be heard on standard AM radios tuned to the WFAS frequency of 1230 on the AM dial.

Cumulus has converted WFAS-AM into AM1230Digital and is transmitting a digital signal that can only be heard on digital AM receivers. Cumulus says that the digital signal will offer listeners equipped with digital radios better sound quality while covering an expanded area beyond Westchester County. I

The station’s new coverage area includes large portions of New York City, the North Shore of Long Island, northern New Jersey and Fairfield County.

According to the National Association of Broadcasters, approximately 25% of the vehicles on the road in the U.S. have radios that are capable of receiving digital AM signals. The Federal Communications Commission has approved use by U.S. broadcasters of the digital radio technology known as HD Radio MA3 and foresees a gradual voluntary transition to digital broadcasting on the AM radio band.

Cumulus says that the new AM1230Digital is the first digital AM radio station broadcasting in the New York metropolitan area.

Cumulus several years ago ended WFAS-AM’s programming as a full-service community-oriented station and now offers a news-talk format on weekdays and CBS Sports Radio on weekends. The former “WFAS” referred to Frank A. Seitz, father of station founder Frank A. Seitz Jr.

In 1947, WFAS added an FM station to its existing station on the AM band. Beginning in the 1950s, both the AM and FM stations operated from studios on Secor Road in Hartsdale. AM1230Digital now gives a contact address in New York City.

In 2014, Cumulus changed the call letters of WFAS-FM to WNBM and moved the transmitter site to the Bronx and began programming the station from existing Cumulus studios in Manhattan. by Peter Katz.
Mike Terry to WOR (2021-05-26)

United States

When Cumulus Media’s 1230 WFAS White Plains NY turns on its new all-digital signal on Monday, May 24, it will do so with an all new Talk lineup.
Positioning as “New Talk For New York”, WFAS will clear many syndicated talkers currently lacking clearances in the market. The station will carry “America In The Morning” hosted by John Trout from 6-7am and again from 8-9am. In between will be Michael Toscano’s “First Light” from 7-8am.
RadioInsight (2021-05-20)

United States

The New York area will get a digital only AM next month.
Cumulus Media’s 1230 WFAS White Plains NY filed a digital notification with the FCC on Monday proposing to convert to all-digital as on Monday, May 24. The 1kW AM covers the northern half of the market.
RadioInsight via Svenn Martinsen in DX-LISTENERS’s CLUB fb group (2021-04-20)