Greetings from IDXCI.
Indian DX Club International, as in the past years, will celebrate World Radio Day 2021 with a virtual meeting in view of the raging pandemic. It will be Webinar, using a popular client platform.
Radio aficionados from anywhere in the world can join in.
Webinar : New World New Radio – Evolution – Innovation – Connection
Timing 09:30 – 10:30 UTC (3pm – 4pm IST) on 13th February.
Request you to please fill up the attached form to confirm your participation.
Meeting links will be mailed before the program.
IDXCI will issue a Certificate of Participation to all attending the Webinar.
Radio Clubs interested in showcasing their activities with small presentations or sharing a video message to be played during webinar, please write to for more details. There are limited time slots available for the same.
Sandipan Basu Mallick
on behalf of
Indian DX Club International
GPO Box 646, Kolkata 700001
West Bengal, India
Alokesh Gupta to dxindia (2021-02-08)


Quick reminder – tomorrow, Saturday Feb 6, is Scandinavian Weekend Radio day!
Full day of transmissions on 1602 MW, SW & FM, & also streaming online!
Mike Terry to WRTH fb group (2021-02-05)


From February Newsletter:
Radio208 continues 24 hours a day seven days a week on 1440 kHz from Ishøj, Copenhagen. Power is 500 Watts. Works very well.
Stig Hartvig Nielsen (2021-02-04)


My todays (3 Feb 2021) monitoring shows that Myanmar stations are back on MW & SW with normal schedule after 2 days.
2 Feb 2021 2300 UTC  Sign on 576  & 594 kHz
3 Feb 2021 0100 UTC  5915 5985 6165 heard  (recording attached)
3 Feb 2021 0123 UTC  9730 heard
Jose Jacob, VU2JOS to WOR (2021-02-03)


Today 2 Feb 2021 Thazin Radio was noted on 6165, 9460 & 9590 at various times.
Yesterday (ie Coup day) they were not heard. However Myanma Radio is absent on MW & 9730 khz etc. since the coup yesterday.
Monitoring observations by yours truely, Pradip Kundu & Babul Gupta.
Jose Jacob, VU2JOS to WOR (2021-02-02)