Iran / Palestine

After two weeks of trying to track this down Voice of Palestine, Voice of the Islamic Palestinian Revolution on Iran’s state broadcaster IRIB/VIRI I heard it on 20 November at 1830-1930 UT on 1224 kHz with clear reception via a Qatar-based webSDR, with 765 kHz in parallel offering very poor reception (co-channel Saudi Koran Programme).
A quick sweep of the 49 and 41-metre bands didn’t turn up any shortwave frequencies. It was in Arabic of course, and VIRI’s website ( also streamed it in their Arabic Service. Various sources list a 0320-0420 UT broadcast, but I couldn’t trace that on 1224kHz or the SW frequencies cited, nor on the Arabic Service web stream.

David Kernick to WOR iog (2023-11-20)


Radio Farda on medium waves 1548 khz which broadcasts from Kuwait, is now reportedly jammed by Iran.  It is very likely that IRIB uses the transmitter of the regional station “Radio Kahkiloyeh and Boyer”.

Michel Fremy, Radio Magazine (2023-11-21)


Электроугли/Купавна / Elektrougli/Kupavna
The 2023 Google pictures show that the roof of the transmitter hall is gone:
55°44’13.98″N 38° 9’3.10″E

луч Luch
One guy in this thread wrote that the transmitter hall of the луч TX was destroyed, although there is no information which one.
There are multiple buildings where the SW and MW transmitters are/were located.

Marco (2023-11-19)


Nexus IBA MW
Very, clear, clean signal on 1323Khz, in the evenings, empty freq, modulation quality some of the best i have heard on MW, SINPO near London  3.5 5554, just needs more power when they finish testing, running 10Kw from Milan, seen  photo of a new 400Ft aerial mast, ie 1/2 Wave.

Mike (2023-11-18)

United Kingdom

Re. Manx Radio (

I’d just thought I’d contribute my observations about Manx Radio currently closing down between 0015 and 0445 UTC.

To add to Mr Crankshaw’s comments, they indeed report at 0003 that Foxdale, mentioned by name, is closing down “shortly” and that they’d be back at 0445.  Tonight, this was after a two-minute news bulletin on the hour that was Scotland-centric for some reason and what turns out to be Arrane Ashoonagh Vannin, the Manx national anthem.

After the announcement, several more obscure chart songs from past and present were put on loop, but I also heard a trailer mentioning prizes to be won from the station over the weekend.  They clearly didn’t time the songs so that one would end at exactly 0015 and the transmitter would come off; about a minute into The Circle by Ocean Colour Scene, it was switched off. 

Reece Lloyd (2023-11-17)

The mentioning of prizes to be won over the weekend could relate to the Radio Caroline North programming on 18th and 19th of November, which is also transmitted via Manx Radio.

Ydun Ritz (2023-11-17)


Today, I managed to check my daytime AM X-Band reception here in east Melbourne and here are the results:

1611 3UCB Hoppers Crossing Vic AUS (VRN) – semi-local signal.
1620 3YGO Bayswater Vic AUS  – not received, possibly off the air.
1629 VMS264 Williamstown Vic AUS – not received, possibly off the air.
1638 VMV317 South Morang Vic AUS (2ME/Arabic) – semi local signal.
1647 VMV322 Wheelers Hill Vic AUS (G’Day G’Day R.) – not received, possibly off the air.
1656 VMF489 Altona North Vic AUS (R.Rythmos) – not received, possibly off the air.
1665 3UCB Vermont Vic AUS (VRN) – semi local signal.
1674 3hjr Werribee South Vic AUS (Haanji R.) – semi local signal.
1683 3clb Campbellfield Vic AUS (Club AM/Greek) – noisy weak stable signal.
1692 3*** Werribee South Vic AUS – not received, possibly off the air.
1701 VMV503 Somerton Vic AUS (Islamic Voice R.) – noisy stable signal.

Please note that all call signs in lower case are not official and just placed there for my own reference. The two 3UCB stations did originally have these call signs, but are now not included on the ACMA database. I have also highlighted the stations that can be received at semi local strength.

Robert Copeman to ICDX-AM iog (2023-11-16)

United States

Beasley Media Group is expanding its Spanish Salsa based “Playa” format to six additional markets.
The company describes the brand as “Salsa and More” with a “variety of artists, including Marc Anthony, Enrique Iglesias, Juan Luis Guerra and more” providing “the ultimate beach experience of traditional rhythms and heritage of the music that was born across Caribbean in countries like Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Colombia”.

Currently heard on “Playa 99.3” WWCN Fort Myers Beach FL and in Tampa on 106.9 W295CF St. Petertsburg/103.1 W276CX New Port Richey/92.5 WYUU-HD2, the Playa brand will now be heard on 860 WAEC Atlanta where it replaces Christian Preaching “Love 860” and on the following HD subchannels: 95.1 WNKS-HD3 Charlotte, 105.1 WMGC-HD2 Detroit, 96.3 KKLZ-HD2 Las Vegas (NuTune Country moves to KXTE-HD2), 102.9 WMGK-HD3 Philadelphia, and 96.9 WBQT-HD2 Boston.
“Playa” continues Beasley’s recent roll-out of brands across multiple markets along with Podcast Radio in four markets and NuTune Country on seven HD subchannels.

Lance Venta, RadioInsight (2023-11-15)

United Kingdom

Manx Radio [1368 kHz]
Off at 0015 exactly, on at 0445 exactly.
Looks like it was scheduled. Perhaps they’re checking to see if anyone noticed. (2023-11-13)
Off again 0015-0445 … so deliberate.

Paul Crankshaw to mwcircle iog (2023-22-14)

This was the announcement at 00:03 last night
Sorry about the noise, but unfortunately that’s how things are here. DC is impossible now !

Simon Beavan to mwcircle iog (2023-22-14)

I guess that means they are trying to save on the electricity bill since programming continues on other platforms.

Steve Whitt to mwcircle iog (2023-22-14)



1638 United Christian Broadcasters Armidale NSW AUS (VRN):
These stations can often have the call sign UCB (United Christian Broadcasters) added to the state numeral, though they also identify as the Vision Radio Network. If this station had an official call sign, it would more likely be 2UCB.

1638 VNN826 Concord West NSW AUS (R.Lebanon):
This station can identify as 2ME or Radio Lebanon. However, the official call sign currently is VNN826, as allocated by the ACMA.

1638 Long Pocket Qld AUS:
Apparently, 1638 is also still in use. However, I am not currently aware of the exact programming format used. It used to be 4GW (The Goanna 16AM Country) and it may even still be.

1647 4ME Brisbane Qld AUS (R.Lebanon):
This station is at Mango Hill. 

1638 Brisbane is currently known as ACR Chinese Radio.
Location: Brisbane, QLD
Description: Leading Australian Chinese Radio by AC Media Group broadcasting everyday of the week. Brisbane AM 1638, Canberra AM 1647, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth Coming soon!
Language: Chinese

Robert Copeman to ICDX-AM iog (2023-11-14)