United States

1000 KOMO Seattle WA still announce as “KOMO 24 7”; heard this morning online and via Duvall SDR in WA.
The station was very quick to reply to a reception report from Danish DXer Bjarke Vestesen.
A QSL arrived within one hour. The station was heard several times during the DX-Camp in Tversted, Northern Jutland DNK from January 2nd to 8th.

1000.000405  2022-01-07USAKOMO Seattle WA..1-2BVt

Ydun Ritz (2022-01-13)

Andorra / France

The next broadcast for Radio Andorra Revival will be on February 5th 2022, from 1900 to 2100 UTC.  
The broadcast will be on SW (Moosbrunn) and MW 1467 kHz (Roumoules France/Monaco).
To cover the costs, Christian Milling made a Crowdfunding. Here is the link ( English version will be made). It’s in German, if you don’t understand German, a Google translation is easy.

Christian Ghibaudo (2022-01-11)

United Kingdom

Radio Caroline North January 2022.
“Join us over the weekend of 16th-17th January for the first Radio Caroline North broadcast of 2022, live from our radio ship Ross Revenge.
You’ll hear some fine music from the 60s – early 90s, plus you can enter our competition to win merchandise from the web shop (£50, £30, £20), kindly sponsored this month by Jim Neale from Sprowston, Norwich.
Listen in on 648 AM in the South and South-East, on 1368 AM in the North and North-West courtesy of our friends at Manx Radio, on the Radio Caroline app and around the world online here (via the Manx AM Radio Player).
We’d love to hear from you during the broadcast via memories@radiocaroline.co.uk and remember, it’s the only email address that gets you straight through to our ‘North’ broadcasters.”
Radio Caroline website https://www.radiocaroline.co.uk/#home.html

Ydun Ritz (2022-01-10)

United States

FCC Says No to Appeal for a New AM in L.A..
Schwab Multimedia has been trying to build at 1500 kHz in Culver City.
Schwab Multimedia has lost an appeal to the Federal Communications Commission in a case involving a planned AM station near Los Angeles for which it had a construction permit.
This is a “tolling” case, one that involves the FCC construction clock. The history is complex — the FCC’s summary is 2,500 words long, not counting many extended footnotes — but the upshot is that KWIF in Culver City was never built and, barring further developments, apparently will not be. Its call sign has now been deleted.
Levine/Schwab Partnership, which does business as Schwab Multimedia, had applied in 2004 to build a new AM station in the Los Angeles area. It eventually secured a CP in 2016 for the station at 1500 kHz.

That CP was challenged by the owner of another station, KSPA in Ontario, Calif., which is on a first-adjacent channel in the same market. KSPA since was sold, but the new owner has continued to fight KWIF.

Construction of KWIF didn’t get off the ground. Schwab submitted multiple “tolling” requests, asking for more time to build. Its reasons included the pandemic — it said a shelter-in-place order in California made it impossible for vendors to start work — as well as KSPA objections and, later, smoke from California wildfires.
More to the story here

Paul McLane, Radio World (2022-01-07)


Unknown (pirate?) station on 594 kHz.
I was surprised today (January 9th) to receive a strong but unlisted medium wave signal on my car radio. Reception took place just after 12 noon (local time) here in Antwerp, Belgium. No ID or other announcement was heard, just non-stop classic rock.
While reception was very good and stable, the signal did cut out from time to time. Just for a few seconds though and apparently on purpose. Once home, I quickly checked the Heppen SDR here in Belgium which had the signal as well but a bit weaker. I managed to make a short recording, just before the transmitter cut out completely at around 12:51 PM local.
The recording can be heard at https://sndup.net/bpwn/
All the while, the Twente SDR had no reception at all which leads me to believe the signal was quite local to me. Wondering if anyone else has caught anything on this frequency.

Raphael Cockx (2022-01-09)


Google Earth pictures from Oct 2021 show that the left mast of the Karaganda transmitter is now also gone.
49°47’32.21″N 73° 1’39.99″E
[Used to be on 243 kHz with Kazakh Radio 2; antenna height 54 metres; closed down 2018/Ed]

Marco (2022-01-08)


666 kHz Sawt al-Shabab FM on extended time?
Heard today at 2040 at the DX-Camp in Tversted, Northern Denmark. Heavy QRM from IRIB Radio Fars.
MWLIST says on-air time is 0400-2000.

Bjarke Vestesen via Ydun Ritz (2022-01-05)