Spirit Radio 549KHz.
Mid April the main Tram 50 Transmitter failed on 549KHz, local engineer was unable to repair, so the standby Harris DX 25 had the covers removed and put back into service. I still think the Harris has a better sound than the Tram 50 unit. Due to Lockdown etc it was decided to wait until Autumn yearly visit to repair and carry out the WWW (windy wet winter) checks.
Then Wednesday 10th of June a lightning storm in the area took the Harris off air. A mast light at 42 metres level on the main tower is missing and part of an electrode on the mast base insulator lightning protection system is also damaged, time to get the angle gridder out! Also all fuses on the 3 phase supply L1&L2 had blown!
The Tram 50 (main TX) was saved by the fact it was not in operation, this is now back in service on reduced power until spares hopefully arrive on 15th of June to complete repairs to the Tram 50.
14 hour working days are taking place at the moment to repair and make the site safe, hopefully restore the Harris transmitter which took a hit via both the antenna and electricity supply.
All internal boards on the Harris have to be removed, test and if possible repaired. 64 RF amplifiers boards to inspect / repair is just the start of the work.
I enjoy a good challenge…..
Peter Leach (2020-06-14)