NHK to reduce radio channels.
This is talking about it’s domestic radio services:
NHK Radio 1 and NHK Radio 2, which are both nationwide mediumwave broadcasts.
NHK Radio 1 is news and light entertainment, Radio 2 is education and some foreign-language services. During a major earthquake or tsunami, Radio 2 switches exclusively to foreign-language broadcasts. (Mostly English, mirroring the second audio channel on NHK G television, but some automated warnings in also Chinese, Korean and Portuguese. Possibly some others, it’s been a while since I heard them.)
Radio 1 is mostly carried by a smaller number of more powerful transmitters, Radio 2 on a denser network of lower power transmitters, many on frequencies shared with other parts of Japan and neighboring countries.
NHK also runs an FM network which appears untouched by this proposal.
Martyn Williams to WOR groups.io (2020-08-04)