Italy Unid

Translated from German:
“For about 1-2 weeks there is definitely a new station on air from Italy on the 1350 kHz . So far – due to my poor language / translation skills – it can be identified with “Si ……… Mediumwave” and the occasional information “Mailand and Milano”. This station plays mostly older, partly newer English-language pop music with news every half hour. It seems to transmit around the clock, but with a very weak transmission power of 200 watts at most.
Until the end of 2018 the former pirate station “I AM-Radio” used the 1350 kHz with about 1 KW power. Shortly after its end, “Radio Milano” officially started operating on the 1602 kHz, taking over some elements from I AM-Radio.”
Steffen Mehnert (2020-09-13)

Anybody knows something about this station?
Ydun Ritz (2020-09-13)