United States

WNRP 1620 kHz, Gulf Breeze, Florida (serving the Pensacola area) seems to be at their higher daytime power of 10kW tonight (0300 UT 15 September) as Hurricane Sally is approaching the Gulf Coast. The station is heard on top of otherwise dominant Radio Rebelde outlet from Cuba on the same frequency here as received in the Atlanta, Georgia area. WNRP typically rebroadcasts WEAR TV audio from Pensacola during that station’s local TV news broadcasts. There was storm related information tonight but it was disappointed WNRP switched back to their normal evening Conservative talk radio format during other times not on top of the hour. Not quite living up to their branding as “News Radio 1620”. As the storm approaches and makes landfall maybe they will switch to more actual local news.
Harry Smith, Atlanta Georgia in WOR groups.io (2020-09-15)