United Kingdom

From Radio Caroline Northern Support Group on Facebook 19 September 2020:
“Morning. Chris Pearson here in a sunny Douglas on the Isle of Man.
Just wanted to give you a TuneIn update ahead of another Radio Caroline North weekend.
As you may know, as a result of a court case brought against TuneIn by a couple of major record companies last year, late last week, and with no notice, TuneIn pulled a huge number of radio stations from its offering which it deemed to be “outside the UK”.
This included Manx Radio’s AM and FM offerings.
I’ve spent the past ten days chasing TuneIn down and sharing proof that Manx Radio is included in UK legislation. This has included paperwork to prove we are members of PRS and PPL (music licensing), Ofcom (via the Island’s Communications Commission), RadioCentre and that the IoM is specifically referenced in UK broadcasting legislation.
RadioCentre in particular, were very helpful as TuneIn is another Silicon Valley corporation and communicating with them can be a little fraught. Matt from RadioCentre managed to put us in direct contact with TuneIn’s European boss.
They’ve had all the paperwork they need and we’re told there should be some resolve “early next week”.
Obviously that doesn’t help us this weekend, so, avoid TuneIn feeds (which include Alexa and Sonos devices amongst others), and log in directly to Caroline North via the Manx Radio website, the Caroline North link at http://www.radiocaroline.co.uk and via services like Radio Player.
You can also hear Caroline North on 1368kHz from Manx Radio and 648kHz on the Caroline frequency. 
This is frustrating for all, but I’ve spent a huge part of my week trying to sort things.
Enjoy your weekend and keep it Caroline.”
Mike Terry (2020-09-19)