Improving MW Conditions

Condition for MW DXing is improving, as we are heading into autumn/winter in the northern hemisphere. Below two reports from Finland and MI/USA:

Good conditions towards Americas this morning using kiwi-SDR in eastern Finland. Stations from Alberta to eastern Canada mixing with some Colombian (680 radio nacional and 770 RCN) stations.
Markku Tiainen FIN to fb group (2020-09-20)

There was a nice opening to Asia this morning before sunrise. Several stations from Japan and Korea were heard including those on 693, 747, 774, 972, and 1566. SDR recordings may reveal others later. All “big gun” channels for West Coast DXers but a bit more challenging from the Midwest. The highlight of the morning was catching Alaska on 530 kHz by way of non-directional beacon “ADK” in the Aleutian Islands.
Tim Tromp to MWDX – The National Radio Club fb group (2020-09-20)