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New DX Test from WNJC-1360 this Sunday, 9/27.
Duke Hamann of WNJC just sent me an email announcing the details of the next DX test in his series of weekly tests, and this one will contain a couple of interesting twists.
Duke will begin the test on Sunday, 9/27 at 0000 EDT (0400 UTC) and initially air the same Morse code IDs and variety of tones that he has previously aired. This time, however, he will use a backup antenna tower that he has never used before, one located on a long-closed trash dump the station has leased for 30 years. The land owners have refused to renew the lease as they want to develop the land, so the station will lose this tower site in 6 months. Power will be 1250 watts and the antenna pattern will be non-directional.
DXers who are also ham radio operators will enjoy a second twist during this test. To quote Duke: “If your [sic] a ham, I am also planning on trying a test using FT8 over the frequency. It will be a one-way transmission every 15 seconds for 1 hour calling “CQ WNJC FM29″. I am going to try to do it Sunday at [0100-0200 EDT] 0500-0600 UTC as long as I can get the timing set with the internet stl delay.”
As before, reception reports and notes of appreciation can be sent to Duke at kc2dux at duxpond.com
Steve Howe, Saint Albans, VT to ODXA via WOR groups.io (2020-09-23)