On today’s trip to the broadcasting site we made some changes to the use of our radio stations, thanks again to LA7CFA!
1314 kHz Radio Northern Star is now on this frequency with its classic pop and rock format 1659-0007 CET. 700 watts from a Hercules 1 kW and Comrod antenna. Today, the transmission time was also increased to 0525-0950. The rest of the broadcast time is set aside for programs on health as well as FBK’s own programs. The new local radio licensee in Bergen Radio Rummur has also been given some airtime on Wednesday night.
1611 kHz has so far been Radio Northern Star‘s main frequency. But we plan that this channel at least the next six months will send our new country station The C. This is on the air from today from its Hercules 2 kW transmitter. Transmission time as before 1459-0007. Slightly down in transmitter power to 400 watts to adapt better to the inverted V antenna, but with better modulation than before makes us think this will still go far. So far heard in 15 countries.
Svenn Martinsen in DX-LISTENERS’ CLUB fb group (2020-10-26)