Winter solstice bandscan 2020
I went outside with the radio around 2110Z and was back in by 2120Z. A
small breeze and slight frost made it rather chilly so only one quick
turn on either band.
On the LW band, the clearest thing (after Eiðar, of course) was a
rather high noise level on 162 kHz that masked the Luxembourg effect
imposed on Allouis by Droitwich.
On the MW band, my first impression was that a vague hunch I got on LW
might be right – I was hearing more East European sounds than I’m used
to. I was still getting a few Spanish stations. though.
The Talk Sport relay on 1071 kHz was clear enough that I noticed it
for the first time. 1215 kHz sounded awful, in the suppressed-carrier
way, that is.
I didn’t think of checking it on the webwave band, but there was
something on R. Scotland (810 kHz) after the nine-o’clock news that
sounded like audio art mixing Christmas tunes with jammer transmitter
warbles. Sounded as weird as the description reads.
Reynir Heidberg Stefansson (2020-12-21)