Translated from Google:
“A number of medium wave transmitters stop its broadcasts via medium wave. There are also a number of new stations started broadcasting via the ‘AM’.

As of January 1, Nostalgie AM from Siddeburen in Groningen will stop its broadcasts via the medium wave frequency 1395 kHz. The owner of the radio station says that after 1.5 years of broadcasts via medium wave, it is time for something else.

Radio Emmeloord has this afternoon, Wednesday December 30, stopped its broadcasts via medium wave on
1224 kHz. The radio station has also been broadcasting via DAB + in the Emmeloord region for a number of months and therefore, according to the radio station, it no longer makes sense to broadcast via medium wave. In addition, the radio station can be listened to worldwide via the Internet. Incidentally, it is not the first time that the radio station has discontinued its medium wave broadcasts.
It also looked gloomy for the broadcasts of Extra AM from Amsterdam on 1332 kHz. Due to the loss of a number of sponsors, it was not certain whether the broadcasts could continue after January 1.
A crowdfunding campaign has since raised enough money to allow the broadcasts to continue for the time being.

Not only are radio stations disappearing from the medium wave, but new radio stations are also being added. For example, Antenne Domstad and Radio Monique recently started broadcasting via medium wave. 30th December 2020
Tom Kamp to A-DX Fernempfang fb group (2021-01-01)