African MWDX to North America, northeast at least.
The Algerians on 531, 549, 576, 891, 981, and 1422 are major honkers here, certainly way better than Benin or Djibouti.
Besides 864, 774 and 819 are common out of Egypt.
Morocco: 596a, 612, 711 (or does that count as W. Sahara?), 936: poor modulation though.
Canary Islands count as Africa. 621 here is usually that, especially when conditions are running south so the co-channel lower power Spain outlets are cut off. Lack of RF from usual Spain blasters such as 585, 639, 684, 738, 774, 855, 999, 1044, 1107 would point the finger towards Canaries if a good 621 signal is present. Also look for 720 trying to get past Portugal, Greenland, WGN et al.
Tunisia occasionally makes a showing on 630 and 963.
South Africa 828 (and occasionally other channels) reaches US / Canada East Coast sites. Due to low angle arrival, going even a short distance inland drops the signal like a rock. Often a summer thing here when it’s winter below the Equator … just as with the deep South Americans.
Old-plan channel 917 Nigeria might show up as a waterfall trace distinguishable from 918. Getting audio is a struggle.
Sudan, Tanzania, Mozambique, and a few other African countries make occasional showings at beach sites. Check Roy’s Cape Cod reports, Bill W’s Lubec logs, NL logs, and PEI logs.
Mark Connelly, South Yarmouth, MA Jan 18, IRCA iog via WOR (2021-01-19)