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KCUP 1230 kHz Toledo, Oregon – Graveyard DX Test this weekend extended hours.
Thanks to the seriously generous nature of Steve Rubin, KCUP will test on Saturday evening, January 30, 2021 starting at 10PM PST (0600 UTC) until 0600 AM PST (1400 UTC). Test material will include Morse Code, sweep tones, sound effects, etc. {i.e. UT SUNDAY JANUARY 31 0600-1400 — Glenn Hauser}
Eight full hours for DX’ers to attempt to log the station. Really grateful for the longer opportunity to log the station.
This is a great opportunity for DX’ers to set a National Radio Club Graveyard DX Record for this station. Interested in getting your name in the record books? Read on:
According to Tim Hall, who is the current editor of the NRC Graveyard DX Achievements, the current record for KCUP is actually held by Tim himself. Currently, it is listed as:
KCUP  Toledo Tim Hall West Glacier, MT 542.
That means that the maximum distance of a confirmed reception of KCUP is only 542 miles. The DX Test provides a great opportunity to break Tim’s record for this station. (Sorry, Tim)

Some caveats:
Only current (and deceased) NRC members are eligible to hold GY records, and loggings must be made after January 1, 1960.

Other notes:
Multiple records may exist for a single station. This is because of various rule changes that took place mostly in the 90s. A separate category was created for DXers in AK and HI to compensate for their unique advantage after they started claiming records for all the west coast stations. Then Canada migrated most of their graveyarders to FM, suddenly making it far easier for Canadians to log long-distance GY catches, so a separate category was created for them. A handful of stations have records from DXers living outside the US and Canada.
Be sure to include the exact address (or latitude/longitude) where you were when you heard each station, so I can calculate the distance.
Please only submit catches you think might be records or maybe “near-misses.” I’m happy to help people get all the records they are entitled to, but I hope people won’t just send me their whole GY logbook without first checking to see which ones might be records.
Of course we want people to report their loggings to DX News, so if your logging has appeared in DX News (even a long time ago), that’s good. If it hasn’t, please send me some basic info from the logging.

Record Setting:
This means that there is an opportunity for multiple records to be set on Sunday morning.
1. ) DXers who are NRC members in the United States or elsewhere in the world could claim a record shattering reception of KCUP 1230.
2.) DXers in Canada could also claim the record if it’s further than receptions in the US or worldwide.
3.) Likewise, DX’ers in Alaska (Paul Walker?) could claim a record if it bests the worldwide distance.
Our hope is that this will light a fire under DX’ers to listen for this test, encourage you to join the National Radio Club, and to take an interest in Graveyard DXing which is super-fun.

Reception reports will be handled by the Courtesy Program Committee (CPC) at the request of KCUP.
Reception reports should be e-mailed to:
We strongly prefer that you include MP3 sound file recordings of the best 2-3 minutes of your reception. If you cannot record the DX, then detailed written reports can also be accepted. If your report is confirmed, you will receive a custom designed QSL card as a PDF file attachment. It is suitable for printing.
We will no longer accept reports via USPS mail.
If you are interested in claiming the record, please include the following additional information:
A.) NRC Member? YES or NO.
B.) Exact longitude and latitude of your receiving location. If you use a remote SDR, you must use the lat/long of that receiver.
C.) Claimed distance in miles to the transmitter location of KCUP.
If anyone exceeds a reception of 542 miles, we’ll report that information to Tim Hall.

Special thanks:
Our special thanks to Steve Rubin, owner of KCUP for this rare DX test from Oregon and the opportunity for some lucky DXer to break Tim Hall’s record.
73, Les Rayburn, AL 35114 NRC & IRCA Courtesy Program Committee Chairman via WOR groups.io (2021-01-27)