24.2. MW Info: “1233 Dechovka about to close, now with info loop..”
After that the  2nd March Mauno Ritola told on the Finnish DX forum  that KBC Marsabit on 1233 kHz has started to be well audible in his Kiwi SDR receiver in Joensuu in Finland and indeed typical African rhythms were really well audible via his fine long wire antennas.
Acc. to the WRTH 2021 KBC Marsabit works with two 50 kW transmitters; on 1233 kHz sc.  Northeastern Sce. and  on 675 kHz with Swahili Sce. Kenya is a big country with a population of 54 million people. Kenya´s time zone is UTC + 3 h which is the same as the summer time in Finland!

Kari Kallio, Lahti Finland (2021-03-03)