Two stations in Montevideo, Uruguay are currently off the air due to actions of alleged looting by vandals. The damage was reported in the respective transmitter sitesemission plants, with theft of cables and other material, which prevents them from going on the air. This has been the case of CX42 Emisora ​​Ciudad de Montevideo; and a few hours ago, that of CX30 Radio Nacional. Both used SW in the past.
The two stations, as well as a bunch of other broadcasters have their transmission sites on the outskirts of the city, in semi-urban areas. And they must have their own guardmen, who even inhabit those places permanently, keeping watch.
It is rather unusual for two stations to be off the air for these reasons at the same time, nevertheless they are framed in a certain panorama of economic crisis in the field of medium wave broadcasting. So much so, that the first to suffer the damage, the Yizmeián brothers’ CX42, that happened three months ago, has not yet been able to recover from the disorder. And it is very likely that its current owners sell it, according to my reports.
In the case of CX30, 1130, it is financially supported, as stated, by contributions from unions or employee unions, where they take the opportunity to publicize their auditions. The two, as well manage the system of rented programs.
A few weeks ago, the status of the emblematic only-tango and folk music CX58 Radio Clarín, 580, was announced it had to close on March 1, is also for sale and currently in stages of transfer of ownership, with the intermediation of the Ministry of Culture as an exception. It has continued broadcasting, until they find new administration.
Horacio Nigro Geolkiewsky to DXing.info fb group (2021-03-12)