New Zealand

The 5000 Watt Auckland transmitter for Rhema Radio on 1251khz made the 7100 mile/11410km journey to McGrath, Alaska on Sunday March 14th between 1545 and 1605UTC. I had some music that sounded like english language music.. just starting to bubble up slightly above the noise. Pulling up the Rhema stream, it sounded like a cadence match but I couldn’t be for absolute sure, but the only other english language 1251 was in Australia and running all talk at the moment, I certainly had music here.  
About 1703UTC give or take I had a fade up of accented english reading a weather.. I grabbed my phone and hit play on the Rhema stream and had a MATCH with weather playing on the stream about 45 seconds later as I stood outside at -5F below.  (amazing considering I was using wifi on my phone thats connected to satellite internet.. amazing that the delay was only 45 seconds!)
Here’s my audio of Rhema Raido 1251 Auckland.  Not great but it’s there:
Paul Walker Jr, McGrath, Alaska (CC Skywave & DeBock 5″ FSL Antenna) to (2021-03-15)