On July 5 2020 there was a news post that Kan Moreshet was broadcasting on 1458 KHz from She’ar Yashuv, Israel on a reactivated transmitter.  That transmitter is no longer listed on the Kan website’s main frequency list, nor on, but is listed under a separate frequency list from the Kan Tarbut page (another Kan radio station).
Has it closed down?  This would mean that Israel no longer has any stations on mediumwave.

Kan Israel main page:
Kan Tarbut station page:

Current listing (referenced from the bottom of the Kan Israel main page or the Kan Tarbut station page or other Kan website pages, in Hebrew):
Former listing (referenced from near the top of the Kan Tarbut page, in Hebrew):   NOTE: AM frequency on the top of page 2.
Liron (2021-05-29)