United States

Tonight at Midnight (0400 UTC) to 1am EDT (0500 UTC) will be the first of daily DX Tests on WNJC 1360. Power will be at daytime power and pattern! The test material will consist of a brief voice announcement, followed by nothing but Morse Code ID’s at 800 hz, 900 hz, and 1,000 hz. Most of the CW will be high speed at 25 WPM.
There will also be plenty of sweep tones, 1,000 hz long-duration tones, and off-hook sound effects. No music, voice, or other distractions. QSL INFORMATIONAll requests must be submitted via e-mail to: les@highnoonfilm.com
QSL requests must include a recording of the best two minutes of your reception in either .MP3, .WAV, or .MP4 video. No written reports will be accepted for verification.
Requests must be received by August 1st.
Only one QSL per DX’er regardless of how many times you receive the test (s).
If you use a remote SDR or receiver to log the test, we will honor only one QSL per DX’er. No multiple QSL requests. You must clearly state the location of the receiver that you used to receive the station.
FEEL FREE TO POST ALL YOUR RECEPTION REPORTS ON OUR FACEBOOK GROUP! I would [like] to hear whenever you copy the test!
Duke Hamann in WNJC 1360 AM DX Tests FB group (2021-05-31)