We have a fault on our almost new 1611 kHz transmitter broadcasting our 2019 classic country station “The C“. So the station is silent. The engineer is working on the matter. Do you know a radio amateur in mainland Norway or a “sparks” on a ship/ferry or rig(in Norwegian waters) that has an available transmitter capable of AM as well as antenna for 1.6 MHz who would be interested in helping out so that the transmissions may continue? Just connect to the internet stream! License 1 kW ERP.
Our other AM station Radio Northern Star is continuing on 1314 (mornings plus afternoon-midnight, borrowed from FBK) and 5895 kHz(0530-midnight).
All our 4 stations are also broadcasting online and mobile such as on Radio Garden.
Thanks, and keep listening!
Svenn Martinsen to DX-LISTENERS’ CLUB FB group (2021-06-24)