World Music Radio is now back on 927 kHz from Hvidovre, Copenhagen, with 150 Watts of power. The transmitter went off air – due to aerial problems – Tuesday  afternoon June 29st, but this has been fixed earlier today.
Ydun Ritz (2021-07-04)


Sunday 4 July – Another successful broadcast from SAQ, Grimeton on 17.2kHz this morning. The message started at 0900 UTC prompt.
Mike Terry to WRTH FB group (2021-07-04)


Yesterday, sunspot AR2838 burst through the surface of the sun and promptly unleashed the strongest solar flare in 4 years, an X1.5-class explosion. As quickly as it appeared, the sunspot is already gone. On July 4th it rotated over the sun’s northwestern limb and will spend the next two weeks transiting the far side of the sun. If AR2828 holds itself together, it will re-appear on the Earthside in late July.
Mike Terry to WOR iog (2021-07-04)


Deep apologies. The supposed closure of Abis turned out to have been a maintenance break.
I will move the Abis entry back into Active and change use of 1341kHz back to the Qur’an programme. 
Tarek has reported that  1341kHz is a very poor frequency even in Cairo. At night Kuwait dominates.
The recording which Tarek shared with me of 774kHz (at 400kW) indicates that now Cairo is back with excellent coverage of the Middle East programme.
Dan Goldfarb to mwmasts iog (2021-07-03)


Just as the possibility of enjoying the Abis coverage of the Middle East programme improved after closure of Leeds, I learn from Tarek Zaidan the following:
Today the high power transmitter on 774kHz has been switched off.
The Middle East programme is now on 1341kHz which I believe is from Abu Zaabal with only 100kW.
I have made the necessary changes to the spreadsheets.
Dan Goldfarb in mwmasts iog (2021-07-02)


Happy to report that our 1611 kHz transmitter broadcasting our 2019 classic country station “The C” is back on the air with @500 watts of power after a great job by LA7CFA. Inverted V antenna. License 1 kW ERP. Schedule 1650-0010 CET.
Our other AM station Radio Northern Star is continuing on 1314 (mornings plus afternoon-midnight, borrowed from FBK) and 5895 kHz(0530-midnight).
Reports: cc to styret2021 at
All our 4 stations are also broadcasting online and mobile such as on Radio Garden.
Thanks, and keep listening!
Svenn Martinsen in FB (2021-07-01)


In a first, Jharkhand starts radio classes to reach out to children in rural areas.
In yet another move to reach out to the children living in remote villages of Jharkhand, the School Education and Literacy Department has now started conducting radio classes. The sessions will be held five days a week in the morning and evening via mediumwave and FM channels.
According to officials in the School Education and Literacy Department, initially, only 10-minute sessions will be taken which may be extended according to the response from the students.
Radio classes have been launched in Jamshedpur, Chaibasa on Monday and were gradually expanded to other districts like Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Daltonganj, Hazaribagh and Bhagalpur.
New Indian Express (021-07-01)

The only MW stations in Jharkhand is AIR Ranchi on 540 kHz (DRM) and 549 kHz. Are they in charge?
Ydun Ritz (2021-07-01)