Der angebliche Piratensender mit zumeist Music Non Stop auf der 927 kHz, nennt sich “Power 927”.
Google translation:
The alleged pirate station with mostly music non-stop on 927 kHz is called “Power 927“.

Steffen Mehnert, D (2021-08-23)


A revised edition of the Afghanistan DX Guide has been uploaded to the club’s website at:
It has details of radio stations inside Afghanistan as well as broadcasts targeting the country. Plus includes an ‘Afghanistan DX Timeline’ from the 1970s until August 2021.
BDXC – British DX Club fb group (2021-08-17)

United Kingdom

Carillon Wellbeing Radio (CWR)
We have just completed a brilliant weekend broadcasting from the LV18 Light Vessel in Harwich.
According to the vessel owners its been the most successful broadcast in 21 years. A brilliant atmosphere with like minded people.
Our 1476 am frequency was used with audio linked back to Leicestershire 48 hours of solid broadcasting remembering the offshore days over 14th August. The 1476 transmissions were received by DXers across Europe and I have counted many good wishes (approx 300) on our studio desk from the weekend. This definitely proves MW is still with us.
So far our MW transmissions on 1476 have been received in Japan, India. Chile. Russia, USA (regularly), Brazil and all Euro countries many of these reports are recorded on

Jon Sketchley – Hermitage FM 99.2 – CWR 1476am – Carillon Radio 1386/1431 (2021-08-22)

United Kingdom

Barnstaple 801 kHz transmissions have ceased and the transmitter just has a
rolling announcement telling listeners how to tune to alternative
outputs for Radio Devon.
The antenna will probably be removed.

Marco (2021-08-20)

Around Afghanistan
Various Organisations on air on MW, or at least test requested channels. 

Included at Kabul US AGM monitoring still at night: 
VoA Deewa Pashto 621 kHz Kost 01.00-04.00, 13.00-19.00 UT
VoA Mashaal Pashto 621 kHz Kost 04.00-13.00 UT 
RTC  14.00-20.30 UT   7600 SW,  801 kHz Bahrain ?  999 kHz probably Maiac Pridnestrovyi Moldova?, Qatar ? 
TWR Puttalam Test  892 kHz odd fq, or keyboard glitch of 882 kHz ?  13.00-21.00 UT test requested 
VoA Urdu 972 kHz Dushanbe ?Yangi Yul?  15.30-00.35 
NOR  990 kHz TJK ? Jammu ? 
VoA Pashto/Dari combi 1296 kHz 00.30-17.30
TWR India/FEBA_Urdu  13690 via Yerevan Gavar from 13.00-15.30  and 1467 kHz Bishkek 00.00-01.30, 13.30-17.30 UT

Wolfgang Büschel to WOR iog (2021-08-21)