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The Courtesy Program Committee (CPC) of the NRC/IRCA is pleased to RELAY this announcement of a DX Test from WBOB 600 kHz in Jacksonville, FL tonight starting at Midnight Eastern Time (0400 UTC) at their daytime power of 50,000 watts.
The announcement came Thursday night at 9:28 PM Central time on Facebook from noted DX’er Jerry Kiefer. His announcement was as follows:
“Last-minute AM DX test Friday night 9/3 starting at Midnight Eastern. 50 kw WBOB 600 Jacksonville will be playing classic Top 40 with full fidelity CRL processing. They will QSL via e-mail. Contact Chief Engineer Jerry Smith. They run a two-tower, figure-eight DA beamed North by South-Southwest. Please spread the word.”
No other details are available, but that leaves us all with about 18 hours to prepare. Get those antennas up, and phasers tested. Headphones on, and SDRs or recorders running. Suggest watching the “I Love AM Radio” Group on Facebook for additional details.
Thanks to Jerry Kiefer for alerting us, CPC member Paul Walker for flagging the post and sounding the alarm, and mostly Jerry Smith and the owners of WBOB 600 for helping to kick off the 2021-22 DX Season with a great test!

Les Rayburn, N1LFles@highnoonfilm.com

Leslie Gammascorch to DXing.info fb group (2021-09-03)