ABC stations off air for planned maintenance [AEST = [UTC +10].
576 and 702 Sydney planned for power reduction operation on Thursday Sept 23 between 13:07 pm to 14:59 pm AEST.
No longer any mention of the previously planned Sept 21 maintenance close for 630 Sydney. It may be still worth checking.
729 and 891 KHz ABC Adelaide, South Australia scheduled to completely switch off Thursday Sept 23 between 1:06 to 1:20 AM AEST.
684 KHz Kempsey off air Tuesday Sept 21, 2021 1:06 to 4:50 AM AEST.
The ABC maintenance website previously was easier to use. All planned maintenance radio shutdowns were listed in date order. Now the only option is to slowly search by typing in area codes (e.g. 2000 Sydney).
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ICDX-AM iog (2021-09-19)