A number of RRI MW frequencies that were normally reliable seem to have gone off air in recent months
including: Surabaya 585, Cirebon 864, Surakarta/Solo 972, Palembang 1287 kHz.
Currently on air:
Bandung 540, Makassar 630, Semarang 801, Madiun 1008, Bandar Lampung 1035, Yogyakarta 1107, Bogor
1242, Banda Aceh 1251, Sungai Liat 1413, and RRI Pro-3 999 via Bandung, Cirebon and Malang (and
possibly also on 999 via a couple of other locations).
The following have been heard in the past few months and are probably also still active now: Gorontalo 1008,
Kupang 1107, Manado 1188, Samarinda 1215, Toli-Toli 1377. Denpasar 1206 was heard for a period earlier
this year, but is now off again.
Among freqs apparently off long-term with technical problems are: Bengkulu 756, Mataram 855, Jember
963, Jayapura 1053, Singaraja 1080, Palangkaraya 1197, Pontianak 1233, Tarakan 1350.
Reportedly on reduced power with tx problems: Ende 783.
Off long term, and unlikely ever to be back: Medan 801, Jakarta 999 and 1332, Banjarmasin 1134.

Alan Davies via Mauno Ritola, WRTH/ARC to WOR iog (2021-09-20)