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I saw a report  from the US that said:
As of yesterday (October 25th), Family Radio’s 1560 WFME is back on the air, transmitting a 1 kW signal from a temporary slant wire antenna strung up on the WNSH tower in West Orange, NJ. A far cry from their former 50 kW signal, but it’s good enough to maintain the license.
But apparently signal was reported absent today.

Steve Whitt to WOR iog (2021-10-26)

Just checked 1560 KHz at 0845 UTC and they are on. Signal is fair, fading up and down, but generally over top of anything else on channel. Christian talk at 0850, and TOH identified as “Family Radio”.
Total dark here in Rochester, sunrise is still 2.5 hours away.
Distance about 240 miles.
Checked the FCC temporary authority record. New location is 40-47-18 N, 74-15-19 W.
1000 watts to a slant wire off a 203 ft. tapered tower hosting 6 other FM services.
Location is in West Orange, New Jersey at the Goddard School.
Let’s see if I can paste a picture in here.

Bill, WE7W https://radio-timetraveller.blogspot.com

Heard at 1600utc 27/10 with legal ID at top of hour amidst Family Radio programming.
Checked via KiwiSDR in USA located about 70km from the temporary tx.
Nice modulation and clean clear signal.
Signal had some brief random breaks in its audio feed.

Steve Whitt to WOR iog (2021-10-27)