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WFME NJ 1560 antenna.
Just got back from a field project in Houston, and had a chance to listen to the World of Radio 2110. The WFME Special Temporary Authority antenna is another of my “spit, bailing wire, and duct tape” designs. It is not a slant wire antenna but is a slant wire feed to the grounded FM tower in East Orange, so it’s a vertical radiator just as if it were base fed. A slant wire fed vertical mast or tower is an economical method of feeding a grounded tower which adds only trivial structural load to the tower, unlike a skirt feed.

And indeed it’s only a 1 kW operation, elegantly constructed by Tom Ray (formerly chief engineer of WOR). We originally obtained authorization for higher power, but felt that there might be compatibility problems with other nearby communications facilities at this location, so elected to keep the power low, at least initially.

Ben Dawson, WA, Hatfield & Dawson Consulting Engineers to WOR iog (2021-10-31)