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Colorado Public Radio and Pikes Peak Community College are trading signals in Colorado Springs CO.
CPR will trade 1490 KXRE/102.1 K271CK Manitou Springs to PPCC for 89.7 KEPC Colorado Springs and 99.3 K227DI Pueblo. The deal also includes the ability for Pikes Peak Community College students to intern at CPR’s Public News/Talk 91.5 KRCC Colorado Springs and CPR will provide engineering assistance to PPCC.
When the sale is completed in early 2022, Colorado Public Radio will move the AAA “Indie 102.3” programming based at 102.3 KVOQ Greenwood Village/Denver from 1490/102.1 to 89.7 KEPC and 93.3 K227DI. Pikes Peak will rebrand their student programmed station as “Xtra Music 102.1” on KXRE/K271CK.

Lance Venta, RadioInsight (2021-11-10)