In a earlier report, a month or so ago, I mentioned an interesting media / DX program hour on IRRS on Fridayevening between 22.00 and 23.00 C.E.T consisting of Glenn Hausers – World Of Radio and Wavescan from Adventist World Radio, via 918 Khz. That Friday evening broadcast probably must have been a one time misprogramming via the 918.  According to the actual schedule of both programs for the B21 Winterschedule now is:
Tuesday 20.30 Wavescan // 7290 Khz.
Friday 22.30 World Of Radio
Saturday 20.00 World Of Radio // 7290 Khz.
Sunday 13.00 Wavescan (only 9510 Khz.)
Sunday 22.00 World Of Radio
Sunday 22.30 Wavescan
Shortwave broadcasts are via Kostinbrod in Bulgaria, 7290 Khz or Saftica in Romania, 9510 Khz.. All times are C.E.T.
The 918 Khz now and then propagates quit well into Western Europe, (northern part of The Netherlands)  peaking up to S 9 + 10 dB on the different KiWiSDR receivers in my area and the well-known UT Twente SDR,  Neigbouring Power 927, also from the Milano region, sometimes booming in as well.
By the way, World Of Radio and Wavescan are also easy to find as downloadable file or podcast via the internet,  Glenn Hauser’s WORLD OF RADIO and I myself listen often to Wavescan via the podcast on my WiFi radio. The programs of IRRS are also in a livestream.

Willem Prins HOL (2021-11-23)