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Radio Caroline – 30 years ago.
On 19th November 1991, a fierce storm broke the anchor chain on the Ross Revenge. Battered and bruised and without power she drifted 17 miles until she ran aground on the notorious Goodwin Sands. In the early light of the morning her crew was helicoptered off and she was left alone to succumb to nature.Over the years hundreds of ships and countless lives have been taken by the Goodwin Sands and for a while it looked as if Ross Revenge was destined to become another one. However, she is a remarkable ship, and after four days effort by two tugs she was recovered and taken into Dover Harbour where she was promptly arrested and served with a detention order.It looked like the end for Radio Caroline, but the station moved to land-based studios, the Ross Revenge was restored and is now used regularly for monthly live broadcasts.
Caroline continues …
Dave Kitteridge wrote on Facebook 19 November 2021

Mike Terry to WOR iog (2021-11-20)


Radio Sutatenza: a cultural revolution in the Colombian countryside (1947 – 1994)” is an exhibition that reconstructs the history of the famous radio station, which sought to reduce the abysmal distances between the quality of rural and urban life through education in the basics and at a distance. Managed by the Acción Cultural Popular (Acpo), an educational company of Catholic extraction, it used an educational method that combined communication technologies with a model of Comprehensive Fundamental Education (Efi), seeking to generate social change. In forty years, working with public and private entities, Acpo has created a network of educational media in more than nine hundred Colombian municipalities.

Radio Reporter (2021-11-18)


ABC Radio gears up for Summer in its role as an emergency broadcaster.
Local radio stations were a vital link for communication in last years bush fires, and the ABC is gearing up stations in preparation for the possibility of emergencies this summer.
On Monday the ABC is launching its new campaign to highlight emergency broadcasting services ahead of the 2021/22 bushfire season and to reinforce the ABC’s role as a key source of information during extreme weather events.
Audiences will be reminded of the ABC’s role as an emergency broadcaster, the importance of ABC Local Radio stations and the support it provides to affected communities, emergency response organisations and community groups.

RadioToday World via Ydun Ritz (2021-11-19)

United States

Lucky Dog Broadcasting has moved Oldies “Utah’s Goat1580 KWLO Springville/99.9 K260DS Provo UT to a new set of frequencies.
The Oldies format has moved to 96.7 KQMB Levan, 96.7 K244DH Saratoga Springs and KKUT-HD3 Mount Pleasant UT replacing Soft AC “KOSY 96.7“. Lucky Dog, which owns KQMB and K244DH, had agreed to purchase KWLO/K260DS in July 2019 for $300,000, but has failed to close on the acquisition with a 2020 status report indicating at the time it was waiting to secure an SBA bank loan to complete the deal.
1580 KWLO/99.9 K260DS are currently redirecting listeners to the new locations.

Lance Venta, RadioInsight (2021-11-18)


Today at 17.55 UTC in Pesaro (central Italy), I heard Power 927 on kHz 927, a low power station from Milan area. Strong signal (pop music) using a car radio.

Alberto V., Pesaro (2021-11-18)

Latvia Unid

On Haparanda KiwiSDR I detected a Russian speaking station on 1574.86 kHz distorting 1575 kHz. The strongest signal from this unid Px is on this KiwiSDR in Vecbebri, Latvia: http://kiwi-vecbebri.jveits.de:8073/
Tune to 1574.86 exactly.

I doubt that’s Radio Komintern from Smolensk, I guess it’s a station for Russian Minority in Latvia. It#s a cultural station. Between 14:30 and 14:48 UTC a Heavy Metal concert was to hear, now they’re singing Folk songs. At the Kiwi near Minsk this px is to hear too, but with weaker signal on daylight hours:

Nils Düwel (2021-11-17)


The CBC has applied to convert Ici Premiere CBF-17 710 AM in Lac-Edouard, Quebec to 99.9 FM. The new station will operate with 141 watts. Antenna height will be -41.0 metres (EHAAT). The radiation pattern will be non-directional. CBF-17 will continue to simulcast programming from CBF-8 96.5 in Trois-Rivieres.

Canadian Radio News FB group (2021-11-17)


Just somewhat more info around the broadcasts of Radio Emmeloord on 747 Khz, from Pietersbierum. According to info on the website of Radio Emmloord the relay on 747 is a temporary one. In about a month a new location will be in use, the earlier announced 1224 Khz from out of Arum. About 20 km’s away from Pietersbierum.
Both locations are situated near the west coast of de Provence of Friesland, so a propagation pathern over the North Sea will be quit good, unless the LPAM 100 Watt licence. Here at my QTH, south of the city of Groningen, the signal is not so good ( I’m listening via my WiFi radio). On the different KiwiSDR’s in the north-west of the Netherlands the signal is good. Into the direction of Amsterdam co-channel interference is coming up from MCB Radio out of Alphen aan den Rijn, near the city of Leiden.
Today Radio Emmeloord gave in a live show, between 12 and 2, reactions on reception-reports. Listeners in cars etc. came with good receptionreports.  I ‘m wondering if the new location in Arum will give the same results as those from Pietersbierum. The former Radio Waddenzee/ KBC Radio location with two broadcasting towers and the top-loaded T construction aerial.

By the way: Radio 0511 is still available on 1287 Khz, from Ternaard. Unclear is ore the will return on the 747 after Radio Emmeloord goes to 1224.

Willem Prins (2021-11-17)