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Just to let you know that Radio Caroline has started test transmissions today on 648Khz  running 4-5Kw, from Orfordness on the East Coast, Mast aerial  approx. 100M high. I live about  150Km from Orford, reception on the car radio v good, and excellent modulation. On the Hacker radio reception is weak, but when I put the commercial loop next to it signal the same as the car radio.

Miker (2021-11-25)


AM 850 is active these days. It happens that this station has transmissions in a very irregular way. At the moment without a fixed schedule. Its Transmission Plant is located in the city of Merlo (GC: 34 ° 43’30.2 “S, 58 ° 38’59.6” W).

Marcelo A. Cornachioni (Buenos Aires, Argentina) to mwmasts io.group (2021-11-25)


AM Italia [Villa Estense] heard testing on 918 kHz.

Patrick Pierre to Arctic Radio Club fb group (2021-11-24)

In MWLIST AM Italia is noted with a LW frequency of 207 kHz. Does anybody know, if this frequency ever has been in use? I know, that IRRS had plans using LW.

Ydun Ritz (2021-11-24)


In a earlier report, a month or so ago, I mentioned an interesting media / DX program hour on IRRS on Fridayevening between 22.00 and 23.00 C.E.T consisting of Glenn Hausers – World Of Radio and Wavescan from Adventist World Radio, via 918 Khz. That Friday evening broadcast probably must have been a one time misprogramming via the 918.  According to https://www.nexus.org/member-services/radio-and-tv/schedules/program-schedules/ the actual schedule of both programs for the B21 Winterschedule now is:
Tuesday 20.30 Wavescan // 7290 Khz.
Friday 22.30 World Of Radio
Saturday 20.00 World Of Radio // 7290 Khz.
Sunday 13.00 Wavescan (only 9510 Khz.)
Sunday 22.00 World Of Radio
Sunday 22.30 Wavescan
Shortwave broadcasts are via Kostinbrod in Bulgaria, 7290 Khz or Saftica in Romania, 9510 Khz.. All times are C.E.T.
The 918 Khz now and then propagates quit well into Western Europe, (northern part of The Netherlands)  peaking up to S 9 + 10 dB on the different KiWiSDR receivers in my area and the well-known UT Twente SDR,  http://websdr.ewi.utwente.nl:8901/.  Neigbouring Power 927, also from the Milano region, sometimes booming in as well.
By the way, World Of Radio and Wavescan are also easy to find as downloadable file or podcast via the internet,  Glenn Hauser’s WORLD OF RADIO and https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/awr-wavescan-dx-program-wrmi/id429659893. I myself listen often to Wavescan via the podcast on my WiFi radio. The programs of IRRS are also in a livestream.

Willem Prins HOL (2021-11-23)

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KIRO’s Vashon Island AM transmission site is the 14th PEP station upgrade completed by FEMA.
In the event of a natural disaster or national emergency, Seattle’s KIRO(AM) is prepared to keep the public informed. The Bonneville International station is the latest station to upgrade its emergency broadcasting capabilities as part of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s National Public Warning System (NPWS).
Based at the station’s Vashon Island, Wash., transmitter site in Puget Sound, the free-standing emergency studio is designed and hardened to withstand natural disasters and acts of terrorism. The upgraded facility was formally dedicated on Nov. 19. As part of the unveiling, KIRO mid-day hosts Jake Heaps and Stacy Rost originated their show live from the new emergency studio.
“It’s an honor for Bonneville Seattle to serve the community and we are proud to partner with FEMA. We share and salute the agency’s commitment to protecting the public,” said Bonneville International President Darrell Brown in a statement released by FEMA. “Radio is a lifeline, and the new studio and continued investment will ensure KIRO-AM 710’s resiliency during times of crisis when communication is vital.”
Whole story here

Carter Ross in Radio World (2021-11-22)


It seems that some parts of the Surgut [longwave] transmitter were removed:
According to the Google Earth pictures from 2021/08 and 2020/09 some buildings were demolished, the feeder lines to the 2 antennas (1 ARRT antenna and a normal ground plane) were removed, 2 of the 4 cooling ponds were removed and a long antenna (from north to south, maybe a directional MW antenna?) was removed.
61°23’32.74″N 72°53’22.30″E

Marco (2021-11-21)

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FCC Seal 2020 Federal Communications Commission

International Aerospace Solutions’ Classic Hits “K-Tahoe” 590 KTHO and 96.1 K241BK South Lake Tahoe CA were deleted after failing to response to multiple FCC inquiries that they were Silent or operating with unauthorized facilities. FCC Field Office personnel and public complaints noted that KTHO went silent in December 2019 after its transmission equipment was deemed abandoned and seized by the tower owner due to nonpayment of rent. The translator was however, noted as being on the air originating programming as KTHO was off the air.

The FCC has deleted the license of New Millennium Communications Group’s 1040 WZSK Everett PA. After an agency inquiry earlier this year after a complaint was filed with the FCC’s enforcement bureau that WZSK may have been silent or operating with unauthorized facilities for over a year, owner Shane Imler replied in June but did not confirm or deny the operating status of the station only claiming “Wzsk has been up and down since the pandemic” and explaining that station’s transmitter was out for repair and its backup at life’s end. The FCC deemed that response to be insufficient.

Community Broadcasters surrendered the license of Sports “ESPN 1310WDKD Kingstree SC as the station ceased operations on November 16.

Lance Venta, RadioInsight (2021-11-21)