Radio Emmeloord struggling with here AM outlet.
After nearly a week,  the Dutch LPAM station, Radio Emmeloord will return to the 747 Khz, from Pietersbierum in the western part of the provence of Friesland. Radio Emmeloord got a permission to start to use there earlier frequency of 1224 Khz., using the location in Pietersbierum. A week or so ago transmissions were started, but then still on the 747, the frequency on which the transmitter and antenna were tuned. After the frequency change to 1224, the 11th of Decembre, transmission quality was much more lower. The modulation was bad, and the signallevel was lower.
Also complaints came in of interference of foreign radiostations. Probably side-splatter from Absolute Radio from the UK on 1215 Khz.
Earlier this week on Monday one of the initiators Dick Offringa of Radio Emmeloord told in his own radioshow that  they were planning to bring there own AM transmitter, with a good old endstage with tubes, to Pietersbierum. And also better tuning of the whole antennasystem should take place. This plan is cancelled and as from tomorrow, Thursday the 16th of Decembre, 12.00 hours local time Radio Emmeloord will return to the 747 Khz.
Reception of the 747 was, and will be, on nearby KiWiSDR receivers quit well. Also propagation over the North Sea will be possible. Pietersbierum is near the coast of Friesland. Only disadvantage of the former Jumbo 747 from Dutch radio is that Radio Emmeloord will get into a co-channel battle with MCB Radio, a LPAM station near the city of Leiden. Especially in the western part of the Netherlands.

Willem Prins – Paterswolde / The Netherlands (2021-12-15)