Re. Selenginsk: Marco has possibly missed the fact that on maps the big mast for 279kHz at 52° 02′ 17″N, 106° 56′ 27″E is still standing proudly.
If the reduction in masts used for higher frequencies is a threat to the LW mast I doubt. They tend to survive longest.

Dan Goldfarb (2021-12-21)

I also think it will not affect LW, but I read rumors that they want to get rid off more than 1 radiocenter. See the changes in Noginsk (MW ARRT demolition rumors and eastern (same street) SW/MW free-standing towers incl. cooling pond removed), Surgut (MW directional antenna removed, feeder lines for ARRT antennas removed), Selenginsk and Ekaterinburg SW (cooling pond removed).

Marco (2021-12-21)