Radio Crimea Realities. 648 kHz.
RCR is already finishing transmissions on 648 kHz at 17.00 UTC, after that Slovenia and? Iran?.
Rumen Pankov, Sofia, Bulgaria / “deneb-radio-dx

Since the beginning of December, Crimea.Realii has been broadcasting on 648 kHz from about 13 to 17 UTC. Sometimes a little less (from 14 UTC), sometimes it was already at 12:55 UTC. There is a suspicion that this is due to the budget, which at the end of the year is not enough for round-the-clock broadcasting, so they get out as best they can …
Alex Miatlikov, Ukraine / “deneb-radio-dx

The program “Crimea.Realii” is being broadcast, prepared by Radio Liberty in cooperation with Ukrainian Radio. Broadcasting is in Russian and (partly) Ukrainian.
Handbook “Radio broadcasting in Russian. Autumn 2021 – spring 2022”.
Editor Alexander Berezkin, Russia

RUS-DX 26 Dec via WOR iog (2021-12-26)