Google translated from French:
Romania is continuing to renew medium wave transmitters.
A renewal program for the 5 oldest medium wave transmitters has just been launched.
– At the Valu lui Traian station, near Constanta, the roof of the technical building is being repaired and the medium wave transmitters will be replaced. This station will broadcast Radio România Actualități on 1458 kHz with 50 kW, Antena Satelor on 1314 kHz with 50 kw and Radio Constanța on 909 kHz with 25 kW.
– At Rontau station, 10 km from Oradea, near the Hungarian border, the technical building is also being refurbished and will soon welcome a new 50 kW transmitter to broadcast Radio România Actualități on 603 kHz.
– Near Bucharest, the Herastrau station will have a new 25 kW transmitter to broadcast Antena Satelor on 603 kHz (horizontal antenna).
– At Boldur station near Timisoara, Radio România Actualități on 756 kHz with 400 kW, it is the pylons that will undergo repair work.
– Along with AM, Radiocom has just ordered 21 new FM transmitters … which shows that there are still countries convinced by medium waves, FM and even OCs …
Finally, during this time, other countries, although announcing with a lot of advertising spots the end of FM for the benefit of DAB, discreetly order FM transmitters in order to be able to continue broadcasting … (no I did not sell the wick).

Radios du monde FB group (2022-01-03)