Between solar wind streams and Solar Cycle 25.
Earth is in a void between solar wind streams. Quiet conditions are expected to prevail until the next stream arrives on Jan. 16th. This forecast could be upended by a solar flare. The sun is dotted with 3 numbered sunspot groups (and a 4th unnumbered region now emerging); unexpected explosions could occur at any time.
Solar Cycle 25 is heating up. New sunspot counts from NOAA confirm that the young solar cycle is outperforming the official forecast. You are here: Sunspot counts have exceeded predictions for 15 straight months. The monthly value at the end of December 2021 was more than twice the forecast, and the highest in more than 5 years. The “official forecast” comes from the Solar Cycle Prediction Panel representing NOAA, NASA and International Space Environmental Services (ISES). Using a variety of leading indicators, the Panel predicted that Solar Cycle 25 would peak in July 2025 as a relatively weak cycle, similar in magnitude to its predecessor Solar Cycle 24. Instead, Solar Cycle 25 is shaping up to be stronger.

Mike Terry to WOR iog (2022-01-12)