This is an appeal.
In response to the unwanted war declared by Vladimir Putin Ukrainske Radyo has reopened Medium Wave radio sites.
Even before the first action in the war 549kHz was back broadcasting from Mykolaiv.
657kHz has been reactivated from Chernivtsi.
Over the past 24 hours UR1 has been heard on 1404kHz. This frequency has been heavily used over many years in Ukraine.
I wonder if it is coming from Petrivka (near Odesa) or possibly from Lviv Krasne??
Certainly the engineers who worked on getting these transmitters switched back on, plus maybe work carried out on the antennas, are to be praised for their bravery.

Dan Goldfarb, mwmasts iog (2022-02-27)

Why not from Izmail, which was operating still in 2018?
All the best for Ukraine in the fight against the Russian attackers.

Mauno to mwmasts iog (2022-02-27)


Re: UKR 549 kHz is back!
… and 1404 kHz first reported on the air by Eduard Korsakov, also audible here in Finland. Maybe from Izmail, Odeska oblast?

Mauno Ritola, MWlist iog (2022-02-26)


UR-1 is heard on 549 kHz with fair signal around 1700 UTC at my location (Sangean 909x and AOR 7030).
Also heard via remote SDR in eastern Finland with good signal.

Ydun Ritz (2022-20-26)