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Looks like WCTN 950 kHz is off the air:.

“As reported in the January MW DX message for this group, Brother Stair was on 950 WCTN near Washington DC, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This was true for several months. 
I live in the outer suburbs north of Washington DC, and WCTN with Stair was the only station audible on 950 khz during the daytime. When I checked back a few weeks ago there was a carrier for WCTN but no audio and no other stations could be heard in the background. Then on February 13 2022, WKDN from Philadelphia was clearly heard, demonstrating that the local WCTN was completely off the air. I have heard no local station, only the Stair-free WKDN every time I have checked 950 khz since then. 
I used an SDRplay RSPdx SDR with a beverage antenna aimed to the east. I have a 6 MB video of SDR spectrum, waterfall, and audio of the WKDN station id I received in Maryland on February 13 at 1859 UTC, available upon request.
Brother Stair is now off the air on MW in DC. Is this an isolated incident or is Stair going off the air in other places too?
Marshall Reel, Damascus, MD to WOR iog (2022-02-19)

Mauno Ritola, MWlist@groups.io (2022-02-20)