Army FM, Ukraine on 809v kHz.
Due to the absence of the strong transmitter from Macedonia on 810 kHz, there is a small reception possibility of Armija FM, the radio station of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence. The small medium wave station can be received here in Salzburg, Austria today weakly around 809.4 – 809.6 kHz late in the afternoon, the signal and also the modulation very weak. After about 1730 / 1800 UT reception here in Austria is almost impossible due to the strong signal from BBC Scotland.
The transmitter of Armija FM is located in Hirnyk, a town in the Donetsk oblast of Ukraine with a population of about 11,000. Hirnyk was founded in 1938 as the miners’ settlement Sozhorodok and received city status in 1958. Hirnyk is located in the Donbas near the bank of the Vovcha River and administratively belongs to the urban district of the town of Selydowe, which lies 14 km to the north. (Wikipedia)

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