This morning 657 was on air. 549 wasn’t on air; 837 and 873 weren’t checked by me.
In this article from Radio Eins “Radio-News” (Kai Ludwig 28/2-2022) is mentioned that some years ago maybe the transmitters were salvaged, although all antennas are still there.
Google translated from German:
“The existing medium wave transmitters are also used in the ongoing war. A reception observation is particularly noteworthy, which points to a direct confrontation in this area as well.
This applies to the 810 kHz frequency, on which the Ukrainian military broadcaster Armija FM is temporarily active. This medium wave is more of an appendage to the VHF network and is even not mentioned in the Armija FM frequency list.
Now there is a report that the Russian Westi FM was heard on this frequency. Anything else is inevitably speculation. However, one possibility can be cited that would not even require technical changes.
The medium wave station in Volgograd, which has been idle since the beginning of 2015, is thought to have been conserved. In addition to the main frequency of 567 kHz, there is also a second powerful transmitter for the frequency of 810 kHz. It belonged to Radio Majak’s AM network, which was shut down in 2012.
In the meantime, attempts are being made in the Ukraine to restart those medium-wave transmitters that have only been idle for a few years due to the chronic underfunding of broadcasting.
The 549 kHz frequency, which was switched on again immediately on February 24, was followed the next day by the 837 kHz transmitter. However, a reception observation speaks of the almost immediate termination of the signal at 3:37 p.m. CET.
On February 26 and 27, two more transmitters, at best 25 kW, went back into operation on 657 kHz and 1404 kHz.
In Kyiv, on the other hand, there is nothing left to reactivate. The extensive transmission systems for long wave (207 kHz, shut down in 2010), medium wave and short wave (shut down here in 2002) were demolished between 2005 and 2013.
One should not bet too early on the transmitters in the Lviv area, about which there is speculation precisely because of the former single-wave operation of medium wave 549 kHz: Years ago, there was lively mention of the use of the hacksaw in the transmitter room.”

Marco (2022-03-07)