Ukraine Radio is back on 1278 kHz, weak signal during the daylight hours but matching with the stream (United News Broadcasting) and a shortwave transmitter is also activated on 6140 kHz. Not clear if that is a pirate broadcasting or an old Shortwave transmitter reactivated like the MW ones. 

László Tringer HNG (2022-03-08)

Strong signal at 1400 UTC via WebSDR in eastern Finland.
QTH still Kurisove abt. 50 kms north of Odessa?

Ydun Ritz (2022-03-08)

100kw from Kurisove (former Petrivka) NE of Odesa.
Standard all-Ukrainian TV-R feed. One can // check with any TV channel.
PS since Radio Mayak Odesa 765 closed I thought this site is dead. Not true, fortunately.

Vlad Titarev to MWlist iog (2022-03-08)