As part of the process of changing from AM to FM, 2GN Goulburn 1368 has changed callsign to 2GBN, which also currently applies to the AM licence. This will be the case for 107.7 MHz Goulburn and 106.1 Crookwell (not sure if they have started yet, Will could probably advise). 1368 still appears on, at least I can hear something there at carrier level.

Richard Jary to (2022-03-25)

Canberra KiwiSDR heard it ID as 2GN. Acc. to Wikipedia 106.1 MHz is on.

Mauno Ritola to (2022-03-25)

Well that is the official callsign change according to the ACMA database, they may still ID different. 1368 is very noisy here for some reason, it’s about 170km from home. But yes just heard a 2GN ID on air. Where 666 Canberra somewhat further away is much cleaner, and 1494 Albury at about 460km is very clean from a similar direction and a lot further.
The FM outlets when they come on air will be blocked by semi locals.

Richard Jary to (2022-03-25)