Licence/Frequency Auctions

Public Tender for the concession of the use, development and commercial exploitation of 234
Frequencies in the 88 to 106 MHz segment of the FM band and 85 frequencies in the 535 to 1605
kHz segment of the AM band, for the provision of Public Service of Sound Broadcasting.

The IFT-8 auction got underway today (March 29th), and bids were received on 94 of the 319 lots
up for auction — 81 FM and 13 AM.
The AM options with most interest are: 1250kHz Querétaro; 1470kHz Pozo de Parras–Irapuato
Gto.; 610kHz Fresnillo–Zacatecas; and 1360kHz Atotonilco de Tula Hgo.
Considering that the auction made available 234 FM and 85 AM frequencies, there are not many
bids. 34 percent of the FM lots have had bids placed so far in the auction, while on the AM side just
15 percent of lots attracted at least one bid today. This tracks with the notably decreased interest
compared to IFT-4 five years ago.

Raymie Humbert in Medium Wave News April via WOR iog (2022-04-04)