“Radio Days” on Radio Northern Star each Sunday 2200-2400 CET:
From the coming Sunday until Mid-June 2022 we are featuring many great radio stations across the world
some of them featured below. The recordings are played on a rotation basis.
US, Canadian, offshore radio stations, American Forces Radio, Irish pirates and from the UK BBC and
commercial radio are featured!
Radio Northern Star/VFG Northern Lights 24/7
Classic Melodic Pop and Rock from both sides of the Atlantic
Ministry Programming@Voice of the Free Gospel
Also mobile and online,
TuneIn, Streema, apps, Wifi, smart speakers and webpage
PS Radio Northern Star has now renewed 3 of 4 frequencies, namely 630, 1611 and 5895 kHz.
(Svenn Martinsen)

Kari Kallio to nordx iog (2022-04-06)